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Round Rock, TX based Taylor Made Fitness Training is pleased to bring their personalized and affordable fitness training services to local communities. From their personal training center located in Round Rock, the team at Taylor Made Fitness Training makes it their mission to make great training more accessible for participants at various stages of fitness. Learn more about these Taylor Made Fitness Training Workouts by visiting their website or reaching out the training center directly.

The center offers each of their students access to what they call The Ultimate Workout, a martial arts and movement-inspired regimen that is offered alongside three other notable workout programs. Those who have already signed on with the center’s one-on-one or digital programs will know that kickboxing with dumbbells represents a signature part of this training, and each workout has been carefully tuned for multiple levels of fitness. In turn, these workouts can be personalized to take the participant’s health and other needs into consideration, which is why the center urges all interested parties to bring up any concerns or relevant medical information when they first get in touch. The trainers at Taylor Made Fitness Training can then recommend a suitable workout that will help them meet their fitness goals while respecting their current physical limits.

Taylor Made Fitness Training

Another notable aspect of The Ultimate Workout is its relatively short list of necessities. Participants only require a pair of dumbbells and a suitable kicking bag to complete a workout. This is true whether their state of fitness can be described as beginner, intermediate or advanced, and it also means that no one will have to visit a gym (or invest in a home gym) to get fit. As the training center states, participants may, “Experience this new way of working out and feel healthier, fitter and stronger than ever!”

However, not everyone will want to try their hand at The Ultimate Workout, which is why Taylor Made Fitness Training offers the Beginners Resistance Band Workout, an affordable and simple way to start training without having to rely on gym memberships or specialized equipment. The center provides a short video that helps demonstrate the moves required alongside a suggested program that helps people step up their training as they become more comfortable. Within this workout, participants will be able to progress between three levels of difficulty — using only a resistance band to aid their training.

On the other hand, Taylor Made Fitness Training also offers The Bosu Cardio Blast workout. As the name suggests, this workout primarily requires a Bosu (and some space to move freely) in order to be viable. According to the center, this simple setup is all a person would need to work on virtually every muscle in their body. A short video demonstrating how this is possible is part of the package here as well, though participants will now have access to a suggested program with four different levels of difficulty. As with the Beginners Resistance Band Workout, each level is progressively harder than the last, and this gives people a chance to accommodate themselves with the Bosu as their fitness improves.

Finally, those who wish to get more serious with their training may opt for the center’s Ultimate Cardio Workout (not to be confused with The Ultimate Workout). According to Taylor Made Fitness Training, this workout was developed to help people who had no access to a kicking bag (which is a prerequisite of The Ultimate Workout). Instead, the center recommends a pair of dumbbells, some space and a suitably big bottle of water. As the name suggests, this workout is also intended for people who wish to push their limits, consisting of 20 carefully configured exercises that are meant to affect the whole body. The center proudly states, “The Ultimate Cardio Workout will give you fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. What could be better? Try it today and see for yourself.”


Taylor Made Fitness Training provides both one-on-one and digital training programs for a wide variety of fitness levels. Those who wish to take their first steps toward better fitness or who wish to supplement their existing workout are both welcome to contact Nigel Taylor of Taylor Made Fitness Training to get started. More information can also be found on the center’s official website.


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