Talisman Insurance Programs Include Coverage for Pet Professionals

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to point out that one of its key services is Pet Professional Insurance Coverage. This insurance coverage is for animal trainers, pet groomers, pet walkers, and is suitable for any business within the pet-related industry. Talisman Casualty has developed a good reputation among individuals because of its insured first policy in case of Talisman Casualty lawsuits. Many states have direct action statutes that allow a plaintiff to sue an insurance company directly instead of suing the insured business. In the Talisman protected cell captive insurance model, the captive is owned by its insureds, which means that in case of a lawsuit, the company will consider the interests of the insured first and prefer the pursuit of a strong defense rather than simply settling the issue.

A spokesperson for Talisman Casualty says, “The small business owner general liability program is designed with the modern small business owner in mind. So many people are working both full and part-time in organizational structures that only include themselves or a handful of people. This captive program delivers peace of mind allowing these pet professionals to manage their business risk at a cost that still keeps them competitive. Coverage options allow flexibility when the business changes.”

The Talisman Pet Professional Program offers general liability insurance coverage for people offering pet services, including pet trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, pooper scoopers, pet groomers, pet breeders, and other pet-related services. This coverage has been made possible through the design flexibility of the small business general liability protected cell of Talisman Casualty, allowing the inclusion of emerging small business segments. Talisman Casualty combines unique claims management, a high degree of insured interaction with underwriters and claims personnel, and risk expertise to serve the specific needs of pet professionals.

Another benefit for pet professionals who participate in the Talisman captive cell for general liability insurance is their custom-tailored claims management that allows efficient claims processing for each of their cell programs. They only delegate claims authority to companies that have extensive experience in claims management, practice the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and are familiar with the local markets where the claims are made. They also use the most advanced claims technology in order to be able to offer immediate feedback with regards to the overall effects of claims. Furthermore, the time required to make the necessary adjustments can be reduced through the simple aggregation of data within a particular cell captive. The proprietary claims software that they use can be easily integrated into a cell captive program without the high cost of using licensed software.

Talisman Casualty also offers a Surety Program that provides surety bonds. A surety bond is a promise offered by a guarantor who will pay an amount of money to the obligee when the principal failed to comply with its obligations to the obligee. A common example is a contract for home construction. The individual who requested the construction is the obligee and will get paid some amount of money from the guarantor in case the contractor failed to complete the construction of the house or there were deficiencies in quality based on the standards stipulated in the contract.

Talisman Casualty also has a Marine Program that is designed for small to medium-sized marine businesses. They offer coverages for Comprehensive General Liability, Hull, Protection & Indemnity, and Maritime Employers Liability.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company allows for an alternative risk transfer strategy for property and liability insurance. All of the policies and bonds provided by Talisman Casualty are appropriately licensed, authorized, and regulated insurance policies according to Nevada state laws. Talisman Casualty acts as a protected cell captive insurance company that provides bonds and insurance to principals who take part in a participant agreement and become participants and shareholders in the captive. Those who join the cell captive have access to regulated structures and international reinsurance markets. This enables them to minimize their insurance cost and increase their insurance coverage as required by their business objectives. Talisman only provides commercial insurance coverage that is only made available to businesses in the underwriting cell.

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