Talisman Casualty Offers Marine Program Claims

Las Vegas, NV-based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is pleased to announce that they are offering a marine program that is specially designed for marine contractors, fishing operations, and other business owners who own any form of marine assets. Learn more here: Talisman Casualty Claims.

The Marine Program was made to focus on small-to-medium-sized marine accounts. As a result, it contains Maritime Employers Liability (MEL), Hull Insurance, Protection & Indemnity (P&I), and Comprehensive General Liability (CGL). It also offers admission into the Talisman Casualty program cell.

MEL provides coverage for the Insured’s employees while they are working on non-owned or operated marine vessels. Hull Insurance covers the insured against damage to covered vessels. P&I is a type of liability insurance that covers practically all maritime liability risks that come with the operation of a vessel, except for those that are covered by a workers compensation policy and the collision clause of a hull policy. CGL protects the Insured against liability claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.

The Marine Program works on the philosophy of forming long-term relationships with maritime clients. Due to this, Talisman Casualty Insurance Company does more than just provide insurance services to their clients. They strive to understand their clients’ businesses, risk management practices, and business forecasts. This allows them to adjust their insurance coverage to match the fluctuating exposure. Talisman Casualty does not randomly allow people and businesses to join its program. They select insureds with caution and care. They also apply the same level of caution and care in selecting claims adjusters and other service providers.

The program risk selection process begins with accounts that are already familiar to the group. These are then partnered with Insureds who have shown themselves to have sound management and safety practices. This strategy does not only allow them to focus on providing effective and efficient client service, but it also helps them in forming close working partnerships with the management and employees of participating accounts.

As noted on the company’s website, around 15 million Americans are self-employed, and these individuals employ an additional 29 million workers. These small to medium-sized businesses are starting to choose self-insurance over the more traditional forms of insurance. However, there is still space in the commercial market for insurance products and business coverages that are designed to meet the modern needs of entrepreneurs. This space is what captive insurers such as Talisman Casualty Insurance Company seek to fill. They provide a duly licensed, regulated, and authorized alternative risk transfer option for liability and property insurance.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company operates on the cell model. Many insurance companies in today’s vast and expanding insurance landscape continue to use the same fundamental ideas — pricing risk with the help of all available historical and technical resources. However, modern insureds want to find ways of managing risk by taking greater roles in policy design. One of these ways is to utilize a cell model used by protected cell captive insurance companies, such as those built by Talisman Casualty Insurance Company. They are able to segregate, collateralize and cede the risk through the establishment of unique underwriting cells within a legally ring-fenced structure. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company goes beyond just making use of the cell model. They also provide all the infrastructure needed to take advantage of this model. The process of establishing captives may be quite challenging, but this difficulty pays off in the many cost-saving benefits that the use of the captive structure entails.

In the cell model captive structure, insureds can be given direct access to international reinsurance markets. Insureds will also be able to negotiate pricing with the use of the experience of specific small-to-medium-sized businesses. They may even be able to find the capacity for new concepts. Claims in the cell model can be efficiently managed within the cell while maintaining security and minimizing the risk retained. The unique protected cells at Talisman Casualty Insurance Company each works as a separate business unit. This means that these cells have the flexibility needed to swiftly make adjustments to reach the greatest possible underwriting success.

Those who are looking for a cell model insurance company may visit this link: Talisman Casualty suit. Clients may also learn more about the company by checking out their website.


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