Talisman Casualty Offers Cell Captive for Marine Businesses in Marine Program

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, a protected cell captive insurance firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pleased to announce that they have a marine program. This program is for small to medium-sized marine accounts and offers hull insurance, protection & indemnity coverage, commercial general liability insurance, and maritime employers’ liability / commercial marine insurance. These coverages are provided with admission into the programmed cell.

Talisman Casualty Insurance has cultivated an excellent reputation when it comes to captive insurance policies because of the kind of services that have been provided by their team. The team members have significant experience and are capable of providing the appropriate type of service for a particular business. Furthermore, they have nurtured a reputation of setting the gold standard. Therefore, when people use the services of Talisman Casualty, they gain access to a team that really comprehends what is needed by that specific client.

They have also developed a Talisman Casualty lawsuit avoidance strategy that is dependent on the claims technology that they use to significantly enhance the efficiency of the claims process. They have streamlined the claims process within the cell, and those who participate in the cell captive are the owners and the close relationship between the participants and the claims professionals makes sure that the claim can be resolved as fast as possible, thus avoiding a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the marine program philosophy is to create long-term relationships with maritime companies and to fully comprehend their business, business forecast, and risk management practices. This ensures that the insurance coverage will always match the ever-changing exposure. In the programmed cell, the selection of insureds is done carefully, and the selection of claims adjusters and other service providers is performed with a focus on providing efficient and effective client service. Program risk selection for the marine program begins with accounts familiar to the group. Therefore, partnering will only be done with those insureds who have shown to have sound safety and management practices.

Hull coverage is used for protection against any damage to a covered ship or marine vessel. The protection and indemnity coverage is a type of liability insurance that covers practically all kinds of maritime liability risks that are connected to the operation of a marine vessel, other than what is protected under a workers compensation policy and the collision clause found in hull coverage. This is often included as a component of hull insurance.

The commercial general liability insurance protects business owners from any liability claims for bodily injury, property damage, and personal & advertising injury. The maritime employer’s liability / commercial marine insurance covers the insured’s employees while they are working on any non-owned or operated ships or vessels.

They also have a surety program that is based on the protected cell captive insurance model from which it gets several benefits. First, there are fewer principals required to take part in the coverage capacity of a protected cell model. This means that the provider can offer more personalized service and the bonds are flexible enough to comply with the specific needs of the modern business. The protected cell captive insurance model also ensures that the surety program is reliable. The surety program offers three types of surety bonds which are the compliance & licensing bonds, payment & performance bonds, and court & legal bonds.

They also offer a pet professional program, which is a component of their small business owner general liability program. This program caters to the needs of the increasing number of people who are working from home and are launching a small business. These businesses include pet sitters, pet trainers, pet walkers, and other pet-related services. The cell captive insurance program for pet professionals provides these people with peace of mind when it comes to managing their business risk at a price that is affordable and allows them to be competitive.

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