Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Offers Claims Management Service

The Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, is pleased to be offering the Talisman claims management service to their clientele. The company works towards providing the most up-to-date services to its community and utilizes modern methods and technology as a part of its approach.

The firm uses a number of different claims management service providers to enable efficient claim processing for each of their cell programs. Delegated claims authority is exclusively awarded to firms who are proven to have extensive claims management experience, have a thorough knowledge of the local markets where claims are made and operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. The company also highlights that the efficiencies that technology can bring to the claims process can be streamlined within the cell, giving participants a high level of responsiveness.

The Talisman Company’s Claims Management of Captive Cells relies on state-of-the-art claims technology. This technology provides immediate feedback on the overall impact of claims, and the time needed to make adjustments can be decreased due to the simple aggregation of data within a cell captive. Due to the fact that claims account for the majority of a captive’s expenses, best practice claims management is one area where captives are able to distinguish themselves from most traditional insurers. Using local adjusters who meet high ethical and competent criteria contributes towards giving participants the best claims experience possible. Proprietary Claims Software can also be integrated into a cell captive program without the hefty cost associated with licensed software with large commercial insurers as the target users. The services offered by Talisman are therefore tailormade to suit the individual specifications of the client, in order to provide them with all the benefits the service can offer. Learn more here: Talisman Casualty Suit.

They are proud to have the capability of providing their community with the necessary infrastructure to take advantage of the Protected Cell model. Although the process to establish captives can be challenging and rather similar to the licensing process of a normal commercial insurer, one must highlight the fact that there are many cost-saving benefits of using the captive structure. The insured parties are then able to gain direct access to international reinsurance markets and negotiate pricing based on the experience of a particular small to a midsize book of business or even find the capacity to design and implement a new concept. Claims can be managed in a timely and cost-efficient manner within the cell and security can be structured in such a way that there is little to no risk retained. Each of Talisman’s unique protected cells operates as a separate business unit with the added benefit of having the flexibility to make adjustments quickly, in response to necessary changes or even economic reasons. This structuring is maintained in order to achieve the greatest underwriting success.

To quote the firm, “In today’s insurance environment, many people wonder what happened to the emphasis on customer service.” Taking control of one’s insurance experience means being able to expect the service that managing the most critical parts of the business risk deserves. The Talisman places great emphasis on putting the needs of their clientele first. Connecting with insured parties involves dedicating time and effort to understanding their business and knowing when they want to take more risk and in which situation, they would want to be conservative. The company also believes that great service involves providing business resources and analytics to the insured parties, in order to help them understand and manage risk more intelligently.

Local knowledge and valuable feedback sourced directly from their insured clientele, allows the company to adapt in a short period of time and give greater flexibility and understanding that the market never stops changing. The company acknowledges that managing all aspects of the administration and underwriting within a managing general agency also eliminates bureaucracy that slows down decision making and deploying resources efficiently. Service is more personal when underwriters have direct access to insured parties. By managing a participants' risk within cells based on a particular program, the company’s focus allows careful and profitable expansion and the provision of the best services available.

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