Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Explains Their Claim Management Services

Las Vegas, Nevada-based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is reaching out to the community to share information on their claims management service. This latest effort to raise awareness and inform the community includes details on their proprietary software, the different ways in which the company speeds and streamlines the claim process, and the different measures they take to ensure that their clients have an easy-going experience.

"Claim management is one of the aspects that business owners pay little attention to until they are presented with an emergency that requires them to act fast to protect their assets. In this crucial moment where a prompt response and reliability are a must, we seek to make their lives easier with streamlined, custom processes that relieve them of their concerns," states a representative of Talisman Casualty.

They continue, "We use a number of different claims management service providers to enable efficient claim processing for each of our cell programs. We are a delegated claim authority, a title that is only given to firms who have extensive claims management experience, know the local markets where claims are made, and operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity. This allows us to guarantee our clients the highest level of attention, making use of the efficiencies that technology can bring to the claims process to give them a high standard of service."

Talisman Casualty's success lies in the technology they use. The Claims Management of Captive Cells relies on state-of-the-art claims technology, which gives immediate feedback on the overall impact of claims. This decreases the overall time needed to make adjustments, as simple tasks like data aggregation within a cell captive can be done quickly and easily. This guarantees that their clients are protected against all situations and can make changes at a moment's notice. This flexibility also allows them to cut down on costs, as claims account for the majority of a captive’s expenses, meaning that better claims management practices are one area where captives can distinguish themselves from most traditional insurers. Their proprietary Claims Software can be integrated into a cell captive program without the hefty cost associated with licensed software with large commercial insurers as the target users.

Talisman Casualty specializes in the insurance sector, as they are a protected cell captive insurance company. They serve under the specialty insurance sector, and they offer specialized, protected cells to business owners who seek ways to protect their assets by making use of reinsurance tactics, and alternative risk finance markets. All coverage provided by Talisman is commercial and is only available to those businesses who participate in an underwriting cell. More often than not, they work with underwriters who have seasoned books of business and need a regulated vehicle to transfer risk.

Their services are not limited to claims management, however, as they also have a variety of insurance-related programs designed to help business owners find success regardless of their size, niche and goals. One of their most popular services is their Surety Program, which makes use of the reliability, flexibility, and creativity that characterizes the company to help small contractors protect themselves against unfavorable situations.

The company states, "Our insurance model allows us to guarantee a more personal relationship with our clients. Our bonds are designed with our client's needs in mind, and they are flexible enough to meet the modern business environment and evolving risks that demand constant adapting. We serve a smaller number of clients than other insurance options. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that we make each of our client's needs our top priority."

Some of the other programs offered by Talisman Casualty include a Marine program, specialized catered to provide all of the coverages that brown water contractors and fishermen need to manage their business risks. They also offer a Small Business General Liability program for Pet Professionals, providing unique and specialized services that aim to fulfill the unique needs of professionals working in this niche that are so often underestimated and ignored by insurance companies.

The company's website offers more information on Talisman Casualty Insurance Company and its services. Interested parties may fill out a contact form on their website or look the company up on any Nevada insurance company database to learn more. They may also find more information about the company here: Talisman Casualty Suit.


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