T-Minus Receives Widespread Praise Following a Flurry of Successful Brand Launches

T-Minus, Australia-based video advertising agency has received widespread praise from customers following a flurry of new brand launches this month.

"The launches were great - very exciting and we have seen some really promising signs," said founder Austin Lovell. "It's a really exciting point when you get to switch everything live and start seeing the response from customers."

Austin Lovell, Founder of T-Minus

"The creative team at T-Minus has partnered with new members from our e-commerce email marketing agency, Crafted, to deliver some awesome results."

"Again, we've heard awesome feedback like “It’s kind of unreal! The silk pillowcase rumors are true”, "The lights every garden has been waiting for", "This has to be the best thing I've ever bought", "Beauty sleep has just taken on a whole new meaning", "Amazing quality at the fraction of the price that you'd find elsewhere", "Supports skin in preventing & fighting breakouts", "Honestly wish I got this sooner", "2021's contender for product of the year", "I've been using the product for about two months now, and so far I'm extremely impressed", "After spending some time using the product, we’ve become big fans...We love that it is helping to rid the oceans of plastic pollution, while providing quality products that don’t add to the plastic pileup", "I’ve been using the product for over three months now, and the hype is real", "Take care of your body and the environment at the same time" and so much more," Lovell added.

T-Minus also debuted its e-commerce email marketing agency Crafted in the past week which was received very well by the market.

"For Crafted, we heard people saying "This is the purple cow of email marketing agencies", "I honestly wish every agency operated like this", "Results in as little as two weeks", "The future of email marketing", "I've never seen a team move so quickly. They are so fast", "The completely risk-free way for store owners to add tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each month", "A must for every store owner", "Incredible results with no risk", "Every brand's dream come true", "The best service I have ever seen for e-commerce store owners and teams", "This is an absolute game-changer", "Incredibly simple way to increase sales, without doing anything at all", "The agency behind incredible brand growth, with no risk" and so many other awesome reviews."

Lovell said T-Minus plans to "launch many more brands this quarter" and "won't be slowing down".


For more information about T-Minus, contact the company here:

Austin Lovell
1300 010 786
Adelaide, Australia