Synergize Indy Publishes Kennected's Grand Opening of New Global HQ

Kennected is celebrating the grand opening of its new global headquarters at 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and an open house.

The event, which was organized by Synergize in celebration of Kennected’s new global headquarters, will take place on November 13th, from at 6:00pm until 8:00pm. Food and drinks will be served at the event, which will be held at the 8th floor of the new building.

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Parking is available on the street, as well as in the Union Station and Circle Center garages. A greeter will be there to direct attendees to the venue.

The reception will be headlined by a motivational speaker who will give a short presentation. Both the ceremony and the reception are open to the public. For those who want to attend the event, they may download the tickets through Eventbrite.

Kennected is the developer of an award-winning LinkedIn suite of tools that helps clients generate a stream of leads and connections. It is also a Synergize Family Member. In addition to its two Indianapolis offices, Kennected has an international team that spans seven countries.

Kennected’s co-founders chose Indianapolis for its headquarters because of the city’s culture, resources, talent, and its fast-growing digital marketing scene. Indianapolis inspired the Kennected team to continue growing.

Kennected is currently working on an integrated suite of lead generation software called “the K-Suite”.

Retaining a staggering 90 percent of their clients, Kennected’s LinkedIn automation software is used by over 10,000 companies. Companies like Merrill Lynch and Allstate Insurance have team members that use Kennected’s LinkedIn automation to build connections with customers and find new prospects.

“You see messages on LinkedIn all the time and can feel that people are wanting to just sell you something,” said Kennected’s CEO and co-founder Devin Johnson. “That’s the wrong way to do it. The whole goal with Kennected is to simply generate rapport with someone, take them offline, and then sell them if it’s the right fit.”

Kennected is a member of Synergize, which means it is also dedicated to forming authentic connections. Synergize’s mantra is “Relationships Over Everything”—something that Kennected agrees with. Both companies are striving to build professional friendships based on impact rather than sales.

“Leading with a transactional mindset is the wrong space to be in,” Johnson added. “We sell on emotions and relationships, not features and benefits.”

Each Kennected campaign is highly personalized based on the client’s specific goals and needs. This is because nobody else understands a business better than its owner. Kennected does a deep dive into each client’s goals in order to teach them how to fish, instead of just giving them fish.

Kennected uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to bring clients fresh new leads. It also uses automated messages to help business owners connect with more people at scale. Kennected puts clients in front of their ideal targets, so they don’t waste time spraying and praying on LinkedIn. Kennected’s messages are sent automatically, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them manually.

Kennected’s new headquarters is another step towards helping more companies grow and scale their outreach.


For more information about Kennected, contact the company here:

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