Sydney Strata Cleaning & Commercial Sanitisation Services Launched by Clean Group

Clean Group, one of the prominent commercial cleaning companies in Sydney, is now providing complete strata cleaning, maintenance and sanitising services to property owners in and around Sydney. Strata property owners in all suburbs of Sydney can avail Clean Group’s cleaning services at the best prices and with complete flexibility of schedule and personalization. In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Clean Group has recently announced an upgrade to its strata cleaning services, where it will now also be providing COVID disinfection along with strata cleaning.

As the world suffers from the COVID pandemic, it is getting more and more difficult for property owners to maintain the safety of their tenants. This is also why the demand for expert virus cleaning & disinfection services has gone up in the past few months. To help such businesses and strata owners to maintain proper cleaning and sanitisation on their properties, Clean Group is now providing complete COVID disinfection & cleaning services to all its commercial clients. The company is using a proprietary sanitising technique developed specifically to help businesses get rid of the virus and minimise the risk of infection by maintaining the highest cleaning standards on their premises.

Strata Cleaning

The new COVID cleaning & disinfection services of Clean Group aim to help meet the increasing demand of local businesses in Sydney and nearby suburbs. As the pandemic is expected to continue to affect lives and businesses in the coming years, the demand for expert sanitising services will only increase.

Clean Group has been offering strata cleaning and maintenance services to strata owners throughout Sydney for almost 20 years now. Their regular strata cleaning services include the cleaning of buildings, inside and out, window cleaning, scrubbing and washing floors, common areas & corridors cleaning, lift cleaning, kitchen cleaning, toilet/bathroom cleaning, car park cleaning, garden cleaning & maintenance, among others. As property owners are getting more concerned about the safety of their premises and people from the coronavirus, Clean Group Sydney ( ) has also started providing COVID disinfection services as a standard with all its commercial cleaning & strata cleaning services. For a small fee, businesses can make sure their premises are free of all kinds of germs and viruses.

For the disinfection of strata properties and offices in Sydney, Clean Group uses the Electrostatic Sprayer Application technology that involves the use of an electrostatic sprayer to disperse Zoono-71 Surface Sanitizer on an infected surface, killing up to 99.99% of germs with up to 30 days of protection. Each application of the sanitiser provides complete virus protection for up to 30 days.

All the services are provided by expert and trained cleaners and in line with the safety standards recommended by authorities. All the company cleaners have undertaken the required safety course and know how to implement the best and safest sanitising procedures for the desired results. Moreover, their cleaners are able to provide personalized cleaning service adapted to the particular needs of a client. Also know more about our trusted organization in this news article

Some of the reasons why so many businesses in Sydney can rely on Clean Group with the cleaning of their premises include the company’s huge experience in commercial cleaning, ability to tackle big projects such as strata cleaning, an in-house team of skilled cleaners, and the use of safe & eco-friendly solutions. As a family-run business, Clean Group is committed to quality and always follows the company's core values of delivering safe & efficient cleaning results. Also, the company performs regular audits to ensure the work being done by their cleaners is up to the mark and quality results are delivered to all its clients.

Having a large team of professional strata cleaners and all the cutting-edge resources at its disposal, Clean Group is able to provide cleaning services to all kinds of commercial buildings. From apartment buildings to office complexes and residential blocks, they have all kinds of clients, to whom the company provides tailored cleaning solutions designed to meet their specific requirements and goals.

To maintain proper sanitation in a commercial building, Clean Group recommends daily cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and regular disposal of the garbage. Also, the company routinely shares information, tips and guides on the company’s blog about how local businesses can keep their premises clean and well-sanitised. Know more about comprehensive strata cleaning services here

Businesses and strata owners in Sydney looking for help with their consulting or cleaning needs can get in touch with Clean Group via their website.


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