Sydney Businesses Sharing Positive Reviews of This Commercial Cleaning Company

The commercial cleaning market of Australia is booming, and along with it, the need for reliable & efficient cleaners is also increasing. Clean Group, a pioneer on-demand commercial cleaning company in Sydney, has emerged as a winner amidst the surging demand for expert cleaners. Throughout the internet, on the company website, on Google and on social media, customers are writing reviews about this company, mostly saying positive things related to their work quality, cleaners’ expertise & professionalism, dedication, reliability, punctuality, and more.

“We have been providing commercial cleaning & office cleaning services to local businesses in Australia for almost 20 years now. We understand the cleaning needs of our fellow businesses & provide personalized solutions accordingly. Our clients love us for our quality services that are offered at reasonable rates and with guaranteed satisfaction. Our cleaners are certified professionals, fully reliable and experienced in all types of commercial cleans. Wherever your cleaning needs are, we can help meet them,” said Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group.

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Clean Group Sydney businesses to easily book an accredited cleaner for their routine or one-off cleaning needs anytime and from anywhere, using the company website, with no fixed contracts or complex terms. “We even encourage our customers to request a free quote prior to booking a cleaner in order for us to properly analyse their cleaning needs & suggest the best quote accordingly.”

Lately, there has been a significant boom in on-demand cleaning services. People, as well as businesses, want to have the ability to book an on-demand cleaner instantly as and when they need it. This has further increased the trend of online cleaner booking, as many cleaning companies now allow their customers to book a cleaner online, which is not only convenient but also more secure.

“Having a website allows our cleaning company to accept bookings online from customers across the country. Potential clients can visit our website to read details about our services, cleaners, booking options, etc. and make the right decision with complete transparency. Also, we have a dedicated testimonials section where you can read the reviews of some of Clean Group’s previous & existing customers.”

Officially launched in 2018 with the aim to make world-class cleaning services accessible & affordable for Sydney businesses, Clean Group is backed by a seasoned team of cleaners having decades of experience in commercial cleaning Services. The company founder, Mr Suji Siv, himself has been active in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years now and has built the company from scratch on the values of honesty, reliability, and dedication. To date, Clean Group has successfully completed over 2,000 cleaning projects for 700+ clients in industries ranging from health, medical, retail, business, childcare, construction and others.

According to a report, over 30,000 businesses across Australia use professional commercial cleaning services, which means the market is huge and there is always good demand for expert cleaners. Moreover, the recent pandemic situation has further boosted the demand, with businesses now looking for cleaners having the knowledge & experience of disinfection as well. Even before the pandemic, Clean Group was offering disinfection services to some of its clients, mostly sensitive premises like hospitals and gyms where the probability of infection transmission is high. And now, the company has made this service available to everyone, irrespective of the property type.

“In the light of the recent surge in Coronavirus cases, we have made our exclusive Virus Shield Disinfection technology available to everyone. Since there is a high probability of virus transmission in all types of commercial places, we encourage all property owners in Sydney to perform regular disinfection of their premises in order to keep their people safe & healthy,” said Siv.

One of the best things about Clean Group is that the company does not bind its customers into long & complex contracts. It charges on a per-service basis, and the customers are required to pay only for the particular service/s they use. They can opt for a one-time cleaning service, a weekly package, or a monthly service, as their needs & budget suits them. Moreover, the company’s 100% satisfaction policy ensures that customers always get the best value for their money.

Clean Group heartily invites Sydney businesses to visit the company website for all their commercial cleaning & disinfection needs anywhere in the city and nearby suburbs.


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