Sydney-Based Clean Group is Proud to Provide NDIS Cleaning Services to Their Community

Clean Group, which is headquartered out of Sydney, Australia, recognizes the fact that there are those in their community that requires assistance with their cleaning tasks or needs their cleaning work to be done entirely for them. That’s why this company is proud to be a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) cleaning services participant. They have crews available that have received special training to clean the homes and residences of those covered under this government program. Their NDIS crews are even qualified to teach a disabled person methods they can use to become as self-sufficient as possible when it comes to cleaning their residence.

The company owner, Suji Siv, says, “Like all businesses, we are here to generate a profit and that’s not a bad thing when you are a company like ours whose crews do their assigned commercial cleaning jobs very well. It must also be said that we are a business that likes to give back to our community and one of the ways we do that is by helping those whose cleaning needs are covered under the government’s NDIS program. We are very pleased to provide our crews that are assigned to NDIS jobs the unique training that's necessary to become very proficient at this specialized type of cleaning. Our cleaning personnel finds this job to be especially heartwarming when they see the pride in a disabled person’s face after they have been taught special techniques which enable them to perform some of their cleaning needs themselves.”

Siv went on to say that there is no set cleaning routine that they use for their NDIS clients. The reason for that is those who qualify for NDIS approved cleaning services have different needs based on the types of disabilities that they have. He says that requires them at the Clean Group to make a cleaning plan that’s tailor-made for each NDIS client. That’s why the company’s crews are trained and equipped to efficiently do a wide variety of cleaning and other tasks that fall under the NDIS cleaning needs umbrella. This includes everything from routine cleaning services such as bathroom, floor, and carpet cleaning to more unusual cleaning services such as helping an NDIS client declutter their home, maintain their garden, or do their laundry. The company owner stated that this not only makes NDIS cleaning a challenge for their employees but many also enjoy the flexibility in the work that it offers them. A complete list of the cleaning services that the Clean Group is allowed to do under the NDIS program can be found on the company’s website. He also pointed out that their NDIS cleaning services make use of the same echo-friendly chemicals and advanced cleaning equipment that they use when sanitizing commercial workspaces.

Siv added, “Our goal with our NDIS cleaning services is to help those with disabilities lead a healthy life by providing them with managed services that make sure their homes are regularly and properly cleaned. Based on your individual cleaning needs, we can offer you NDIS cleaning services that are scheduled on a daily, weekly, fortnight, monthly, or one-off basis. Everyone at our company from the management on down is happy to help those that cannot always help themselves when it comes to their cleaning requirements.” Those who would like more information on the services that this company’s skilled NDIS Cleaners provide can call them, send them an email, or fill out the ‘Get a Quote’ form that’s found on Clean Group’s website.

The company owner reminded that in addition to their reputable NDIS cleaning services, they also offer several different types of cleaning tasks that target the special cleaning and sanitization needs of heavily trafficked commercial spaces. This includes their office, medical, gym, school, strata, church, and Covid-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield cleaning services. Siv also pointed out that their professional cleaning services are not only available in Sydney, but businesses and NDIS covered individuals in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra can also avail of their services.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
Suji Siv
1300 141 946
14 Carrington St, Sydney NSW 2000