Swift Key Fob Replacement Available In Minneapolis

The Key Guys, a Minneapolis based key replacement, duplication and cutting service, would like to announce the availability of their key replacement services. The company works on a ‘come to you’ basis, offering a 24/7 service at less than it would cost at the dealer. Minneapolis car owners in search of any and all key-related services will find everything they need at The Key Guys.

“Here at The Key Guys, we understand just how easily one can lose or damage their keys,” says a representative of the company. “You might misplace your keys after a long, difficult day at work, you might put the wrong key in the wrong place and break it or maybe one of your kids might just put your keys somewhere you’ll never find them. It doesn’t matter how it happens, losing your keys can leave you completely incapable of getting anything done. The kind of service we offer is meant to make it as convenient and simple as possible for you to get a new key. We can come to you, so if you happen to lose or damage your car keys, you don’t have to worry about finding a way to get to our premises. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll be on our way to help you get your hands on a new key as quickly as possible.”

At The Key Guys, one will find certified automotive locksmiths with the tools and knowledge necessary to duplicate existing car keys or make a replacement key from scratch (using the vehicle’s VIN number as well as the automotive locksmith service’s special access to manufacturers’ key codes). They can also remove broken keys which get stuck, program existing keys, program transponders, replace key batteries and more. Car owners can even get a key fob replacement from The Key Guys.

One major consideration car owners should have when choosing a locksmith is the trustworthiness of the locksmith in question. An unprofessional locksmith can charge exorbitant prices, make copies of one’s keys or simply fail to produce a key that actually works consistently. The Key Guys has been offering automotive key cutting services for years and is well known in the Minneapolis area for the excellent automotive locksmith services they offer. As an article from the company states, “When looking for legitimate locksmiths, try to ask around. You might have some relatives who have had key problems and have a trusty locksmith that you can turn to. In the Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota area, you should call us, The Key Guys.”

The company has built a reputation for being one of the best automotive locksmith services in the area. The Key Guys has over 450 reviews on Google maps, with an average rating of 4.9/5. “We needed a second key made for our car,” says one of the many 5-Star reviews of the company. The reviewer continues, “I called Bryan at The Key Guys, and he was able to come out the next day to our house to make a key for us. Saved us time going to the dealer, and he was much less expensive than what the dealership quoted me. He was prompt and friendly. I would definitely recommend him!”

Another pleased customer says, “I was given the referral by a Fury Chrysler Motor employee, and I am thankful he did. One thing that's a problem with the new cars is losing the key fob, it is expensive to have it replaced. The first time I lost my key fob, I had to have my car towed to the car dealer, which cost me $100. After getting my car to the dealer, the cost was $350+ for a key fob and for them to program it, but I must say it was a blessing to be able to call The Key Guys. He responded quickly to my call, gave me a time he would be arriving, and I must say he was on time and did the job quickly and was reasonable. I hope I will not have to experience this again, but if I do, I will call The Key Guys. Their service was excellent and saved me money. Thanks, Fury Chrysler Motor employee for the referral, sorry for not remembering your name.”

Customers who wish to get duplicate car keys or cut new ones may get in touch with The Key Guys through the company’s website. They can also be reached through their social media platforms.


For more information about The Key Guys, contact the company here:

The Key Guys
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