Swanwick Announces Their New Partnership with Bliss Drive

Swanwick, a company founded in Austin, TX, but with offices around the globe, has announced a new partnership with the full service digital marketing firm, Bliss Drive. With a steadily growing online presence and a swath of satisfied customers, Swanwick has turned to Bliss Drive to help take their online branding and visibility to the next level.

Swanwick, also known as Swanwick Sleep, is a company dedicated to helping people find better, more rejuvenating sleep. According to their website, Swanwick was started by “Australian brothers James and Tristan Swanwick [who] co-founded Swanwick Sleep after a lengthy battle with sleepless nights. They tried everything from herbal remedies, sleeping tablets, changed their diets, and overhauled their lifestyles before coming across research on blue light.”

From there, the team of brothers developed their first “prototype amber lens glasses and put them through an extensive testing process” and found that the “results exceeded expectations.” They then created blue light blocking glasses for day time and night time, as well as blue-light blocking sunglasses, blue light blocking fitover glasses, which can be placed over prescription glasses, and other sleep-assisting products like the Swanwick Better Nights Anti-Blue Light LED Bulb. To see the Swanwick collection of daytime blue light blocking glasses, click here.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Swanwick also offers nighttime blue light blocking glasses which feature amber-colored lenses which “block over 99% of blue light between 400-500nm and are designed primarily for wearing in the hours before bedtime, to improve sleep and prevent blue light related sleep problems. This is because blue light between 450-480nm has been shown to suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep-promoting hormone.”

Meanwhile, the daytime blue-light blocking glasses “block between 46-98% of blue light between 400-450nm, which studies have shown is the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum. They allow some of the blue light between 450-500nm to get through, because blue light exposure during the day is important to give your body the signals that it is daytime and that it should be awake. Blue light during the daytime can also help with alertness, memory and cognitive function. The Day Glasses give you these benefits while protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light.”

Readers interested in learning more about blue light and the variety of Swanwick sleep solutions can visit the Swanwick website for more information.

Bliss Drive, the California-based comprehensive digital marketing service, also offers a range of potential solutions for their clientele. From Competitive Analysis and Conversion Rate Optimization to SEO Services, Web Design, Content Marketing and Pay Per Click, Bliss Drive’s service offerings can help many businesses gain online visibility. To learn more about Bliss Drive, interested readers can visit their website at: https://www.blissdrive.com/austin-seo/.

For more information about Swanwick, contact the company.


For more information about Swanwick, contact the company here:

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