Survival Gear And Tips Website Bug Out Bill Shares The Best Survival Movies To Watch

Outdoor lifestyle and survival blog Bug Out Bill has posted a new article that lists the best survival movies to binge on. Readers who find the article intriguing are also recommended to visit the blog at the link: to check out others that cover a plethora of topics such as outdoor gear, survival tips, and more.

Bug Out Bill, the eponymous writer for the website talks about the newly published article on survival movies by saying, “Bug Out Bill readers spend a lot of time outdoors, in the wild, basking in nature’s beauty while still respecting its unpredictability and ruthlessness. Sometimes we need an escape into the compelling fantasy of being pitted against the worst that nature has to offer. Sometimes we like to imagine ourselves as protagonists in a grand story and wonder how we would fare against life-threatening challenges if things were to get out of hand. I feel that the 15 movies listed in our brand new article perfectly capture this exact fantasy of embodying the spirit of the survivor who overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds through sheer force of will. Please go through the list and let me know if I have missed your favorite survival movie by sending me an email at”

The 15 movies mentioned in the article which can be read at are The Maze Runner, The Life of Pi, Bird Box, Hacksaw Ridge, The Hunger Games, Train to Busan, The Way Back, Rescue Dawn, Gravity, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Cast Away, Apollo 13, Buried, All is Lost, and The Impossible. The movies, though follow the common theme of survival in inhospitable environments, cover a wide gamut of locations and narrative scenarios that makes each of the choices on the list unique and appealing to different cinematic tastes. Some of the movies on the list also mix other genre staples to their core premise of survival such as science fiction, fantasy, young adult, paranormal, war, zombies, oppression, and more.

Some movies which incorporate the horrors of war such as Rescue Dawn and Hacksaw Ridge see their protagonists go against the might of nations and militaristic agendas and offer some food for thought about the evil that men are capable of inflicting on each other. Gravity and Apollo 13, the latter of which is based on the true story of the Apollo 13 astronauts, do a great job of putting the audience in the thrilling fantasy of having to survive in the vast emptiness of space. Train To Busan and Bird Box put the main characters in a fight to survive against biological, alien, or supernatural forces which are compelling as the fear of the unknown can be a great motivator for survival fans. The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games are young adult franchises that sprinkle social commentary over their survival plots that are set in motion during the events of the movies. Buried is a thriller where the protagonist has been abducted and is forced to survive in conditions that are rigged against him by malicious actors. All is Lost and The Life of Pi showcase survival at sea, with the latter movie introducing elements of magical realism that separate it from the rest of the bunch. The Way Back and Rabbit-Proof Fence detail the long journeys that the characters make to get home from imprisonment or oppressive conditions. The Impossible tells the story of a family trying to survive the destruction caused by a tsunami. Finally, Cast Away is the quintessential story of survival where a man whose plane crashes onto an island survives for several years and then makes his way back to land.

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