Surrey’s Leading Jewelry Store Expands Services in 2021

Surrey, BC - Company sees demand grow in spite of COVID setbacks and uncertainties.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on many businesses of all sizes around the world, there are some that continue to thrive in spite of the hardships. Jewellery Clinic in Surrey reports that business remains strong and customers are still visiting them regularly.

Jewelry store Surrey BC

Jewellery Clinic’s survival is due in large part to the vast array of services the company offers between its two locations in North Surrey and South Surrey. Aside from their very popular repair and restoration service, they also buy gold and silver, repair watches and clocks, engrave jewelry, design custom pieces, and offer jewelry appraisals. Compared to other jewelers, Jewellery Clinic has always strived to offer a full experience, meeting numerous demands and diversifying its business so it can reach a wider customer base.

This strategy has played a major factor in keeping their doors open. With more people spending time at home due to lockdowns and quarantine, many people are bringing in family heirlooms for repair and restoration, and of course, there are love-stricken couples everywhere looking for a new piece for their special someone.

Once a customer visits the Jewellery Clinic, it is not hard to see why the company is so successful. The welcoming nature of each store, coupled with the sincere passion and interest of the staff are other major factors for winning repeat business. Locally, the company is an important resource for creating custom and commemorative pieces for family members and colleagues, as well as trophies and other special keepsakes that are in need of an extra touch or restoration.

Even in times of great political and economic uncertainty, the Surrey community obviously continues to place great trust in the fine people of the Jewellery Clinic, and the passion they live out for their work each and every day.

About Jewellery Clinic

Composed of a highly-skilled, passionate team of professional goldsmiths and jewelers, Jewellery Clinic offers more than 20 years of experience as an accredited company recognized by the Diamond Council of America. Every piece of jewelry that comes through their door (and the customer who comes with it) is given exceptional levels of personal care and attention. Jewellery Clinic’s standards of excellence have made it a namesake throughout the Surrey community and beyond for quality care, unprecedented service, and absolute passion for what they do.


For more information about Jewellery Clinic, contact the company here:

Jewellery Clinic
Guaicaipuro Rodriguez
(604) 584-1617