Super Drunk OWI lawyer Paul J. Tafelski Explains DUI Offenses and Penalties

Michigan Super Drunk OWI lawyer Paul Tafelski has released a new article that talks about drunk driving offenses in Michigan and their corresponding penalties. In this new article, Mr. Tafelski mentions that in the state of Michigan, any driver who is caught using alcohol or drugs can be charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI).

The Michigan Super Drunk OWI lawyer says, “Drivers in Michigan who use alcohol or drugs before driving a vehicle may be charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI) or operating while visibly impaired (OWVI). A driver is considered intoxicated when they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or greater.”

Michigan Super Drunk OWI lawyer

Michigan DWI lawyer Paul Tafelski also explains in the new article that if an individual is operating a motor vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.17 or higher, they can be convicted under Michigan’s Super Drunk Law. This conviction can be punished with significant fines, community service, and even undergoing a mandatory alcohol treatment program.

As for driving with restrictions, Attorney Paul Tafelski says, “A restricted license authorizes very limited driving privileges. These restrictions are the same for every offender. The Department of the Secretary of State regulates restricted licenses and makes no exceptions regarding where a driver is allowed to go.”

The Michigan OWI attorney also explains what a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) is. He mentions that this is a tool that is used to analyze the alcohol content in a person’s breath. The BAIID will require the driver to blow into the device before they’re able to start their vehicle. If the device detects a BAC of 0.025 or higher, the device will prevent the vehicle from starting up.

The DWI lawyer also discusses in the article the penalties for those who are repeat offenders of a Super Drunk OWI. The attorney mentions that if someone is a repeat offender, the penalties can get more serious. The law imposes harsher punishments for high BAC repeat offenders.

Michigan OWI attorney Paul Tafelski emphasizes that if someone is a repeat offender, the prosecutors can focus on that fact. Based on the fact that someone is a repeat offender, the prosecutors can try and ensure that the defendant gets the maximum punishment they should be receiving.

Lastly, the drunk driving defense lawyer highlights the importance of having a skilled lawyer to represent the defendant. An experienced OWI attorney can help the defendant get a favorable outcome on the case.

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