SUN Behavioral Ohio’s Telehealth Program in Line With Growing Telehealth Need

Columbus, OH: Recently, a temporary bill in Ohio that was intended to expand the amount of Medicaid telehealth services during the coronavirus pandemic has been made permanent by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, communities sought ways to access mental health and substance addiction treatment. The pandemic has shown many communities how important access to mental health and addiction services is. Unfortunately, for many, the need to stay indoors and away from others has demonstrated the trouble of relying on in-person health services. With the advent of the pandemic, communities are increasingly turning to telehealth services in order to meet their needs.

SUN Behavioral Health Columbus telehealth services

SUN Behavioral Health Columbus is one branch of the treatment center in the area that offers treatment and support for mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorders. SUN Behavioral Health’s telehealth services have risen to meet the challenge of the need for telehealth services. Through virtual video conferencing, SUN Behavioral has enacted a solid program to cater to the increasing demand for high-quality virtual treatment.

The telehealth services include a variety of different programs. Through the program, individuals looking for treatment can schedule a no-cost consultation with an admissions consultant. The consultation offers individuals an opportunity to learn more about the kind of services and treatments that SUN Behavioral offers, and the admissions consultant can listen to the concerns of the caller and direct them to the correct program for their needs.

In addition to a no-cost consultation session, SUN Behavioral’s telehealth program offers two levels of outpatient care: partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP). The PHP is designed for participants to engage with after successfully completing inpatient, or residential, treatment. Similarly, IOP treatment takes place after the more intensive and longer inpatient program is completed.

SUN Behavioral’s outpatient care is designed to provide continuous support to patients who have graduated from the inpatient level of care. These outpatient programs take into account a patient’s individual needs and offer the same comprehensive care as in-person outpatient programs.

Accessing mental health services through telehealth offers patients the security and comfort of their own home. Privacy is also another important aspect of SUN Behavioral’s telehealth program, which is kept secure and confidential. The treatment group has made it easy for the community to access telehealth services by simply filling out some basic information on their website.

Those who want to learn more about SUN Behavioral Ohio’s telehealth services can find more information on their website. They also have a presence on Facebook, where they often post updates, share media, and communicate with their patients. Interested parties can get in touch with SUN Behavioral directly via email, phone, their Facebook page or, alternatively, the contact form on their website.


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