SUN Behavioral Health Ohio Will Offer Telehealth Treatment to Maintain Safety Amidst COVID-19 Concerns

Columbus, OH: It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic has altered the way many go through their daily routines of work and personal life. Many employers have moved to remote work when possible, following similar trends in schools and the entertainment industry. This most current pandemic has changed the way interactions take place with essential services and other individuals.

The unique situation has allowed for larger questions about what the future of healthcare might look like. Understandably, healthcare providers will seemingly always be needed in the future. With restrictions in place concerning in-person appointments, many behavioral healthcare providers are turning to telehealth as an innovative solution.

SUN Behavioral Health Telehealth Service Options

SUN Behavioral Health Ohio in Columbus is a mental health and co-occurring substance use disorder treatment provider. They have continued their mission of solving their local community’s unmet needs by moving forward with virtual care programming. Telehealth has been an important part of the conversation circles surrounding healthcare providers and organizations.

SUN Behavioral Health Ohio published an article on their website detailing the benefits of telehealth and the process for seeking virtual care through their treatment programs. The piece is titled “What are the Benefits of Telehealth? Find Out For Yourself at No Cost.”

Throughout the piece, SUN Behavioral Health Ohio highlights the importance of mental health treatment, even as individuals strive to remain at home as much as possible. The article cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), warning that more than half of all individuals will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their life.

The benefits of telehealth, as explained by SUN Behavioral Health Ohio, include convenience and increased accessibility, ongoing and continuous support for those with chronic conditions, the comfort of receiving treatment in the familiar and comfortable space of a home, and increased privacy.

Within the article, SUN Behavioral Ohio also addresses the common concern about the efficacy of telehealth. Some individuals object to telehealth care on the basis that virtual treatment is not as effective as in-person patient care. However, this article pushes back on that notion by citing the Mayo Clinic’s findings that indicate a virtual monitoring of variables related to heart failure resulted in a decreased risk of hospitalization or death and increased the patient’s quality of life.

Similarly, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for treating conditions such as depression or anxiety has also been proven to be quite effective, even in a virtual setting.

In order to access SUN Behavioral Ohio’s telehealth services, a patient must first complete a no-cost, confidential consultation session with an admissions specialist. This virtual consultation allows the admissions specialist to listen to the needs and concerns of the patient. From there, the admissions specialist can help place the patient in the program best suited for their needs.

To set up this no-cost consultation appointment, a patient will need to fill out the patient information form located on their website. Then, the patient will be given an option to select an available date and time for the appointment and a box to describe the patient’s concerns or issue for treatment.

SUN Behavioral Ohio will contact patients to confirm that they have received all the proper information. At the time of the appointment, the SUN specialist will reach out again to the patient for the video call consultation.

At this time, SUN Behavioral Ohio offers several outpatient programs with a virtual option. These options include partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP).

SUN Behavioral Ohio has also responded to the coronavirus pandemic with increased safety measures in their facility. The facility announced on their website that all casual visitation to the facility is hereby suspended pending further notice. Those who wish to visit loved ones will have access to extended teleconferencing hours and videoconferencing. In addition, all who enter the facility will be temperature checked and screened for symptoms of COVID-19.

The telehealth services that have been promoted by SUN Behavioral Ohio are at the forefront of a rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare treatment.

For those interested in learning more about telehealth service options in Columbus, contact the provider through their website or call to speak with an admissions specialist.


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