SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky Releases Information About Crippling Depression

Erlanger, KY: SUN Behavioral Kentucky, located in Erlanger, Kentucky, recently released information about the topic of crippling depression in a detailed article published on their website. It delves into the perceptions of crippling depression and also gives a more clinical definition for that disorder.

“Although some depression can feel crippling and can actually make [a person] feel as if [it is impossible to] do anything...the term ‘crippling depression’ is really a different way to talk about clinical depression,” the blog post states.

What is crippling depression?

Among other things, the article details some of the signs and symptoms that may be present when a person is currently struggling with the disorder. This offers a unique guide to identifying a scenario where a loved one may need help. Some of these signs and symptoms are intense feelings of sadness and/or hopelessness, irritability and/or frustration, feelings of rage and/or outbursts of anger, and more.

SUN Behavioral Kentucky also broaches the topic of possible causes for “crippling depression,” though also focus on the complexity of the disorder.

“It’s not a satisfactory answer, but it’s the truth: there is no one thing that causes clinical depression,” the article states. “As reported by Harvard Medical School, it’s ‘more complex’ than one chemical imbalance within the brain, whether that’s too much or too little of something that is naturally occurring in [the body.]”

A significant focus of the post details the ways in which a person can recover from “crippling depression.” A key step is reaching out for help, which SUN Behavioral Kentucky focuses on as something possible thanks to the support of loved ones. Along with that, professional therapy can help guide a person through the difficult moments of depression in order to focus on improvement and long-term health.

One way SUN Behavioral Kentucky helps achieve long-term health is by offering the evidence-based therapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It is a form of therapy with years of results backed up by professional studies. In order to treat each person’s mental and/or behavioral health needs as effectively as possible, SUN Behavioral Kentucky conducts individual assessments upon admission into the facility. This allows for treatments tailored to the situation at hand, rather than an application of broad treatments which may be said to treat every scenario.

SUN Behavioral Kentucky is one of the organization’s many locations, including facilities in Ohio and Texas. SUN Behavioral in Kentucky is a unique treatment facility that has recovery programs appropriate for patients of any age, from adolescents to teens to adults and seniors. Another important aspect is the ability to offer dual diagnosis treatment, which is focused on treating a patient’s struggle with a mental and/or emotional disorder at the same time as struggling with addiction.

The full continuum of care offered at SUN Behavioral Kentucky allows for patients to attend during every stage of their treatment, from just beginning to continuing care. This means SUN Behavioral Kentucky offers inpatient care (including medically supervised detox) and partial hospitalization, which is also known as outpatient care. SUN Behavioral Kentucky is also highly experienced in treating trauma-related disorders.

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