SUN Behavioral Delaware Offers Remote Mental Health Treatment Services in the Middle of a Pandemic

Georgetown, Delaware - SUN Behavioral Delaware, a mental health and substance use treatment facility in Sussex County, Delaware, has implemented a program that aims to remotely treat mental health and addiction issues.

As the virus continues to wreak havoc on many industries that require in-person participation, businesses that are able to have shifted to a remote model of operation. The term for this remote model of treatment is known as “telehealth.” This is an important step in the effort to limit person-to-person contact and the spread of COVID-19.

SUN Behavioral Health Telehealth Service Options

The term “telehealth services” is also known by a few different names. Terms such as electronic communications to “telemental health” or “telemedicine” all have the same meaning. They’re referring to the ability to access medical benefits by phone or electronically over the internet in real-time. SUN Behavioral Delaware emphasizes that their telehealth sessions offer identical quality care to any in-person services that they also offer.

SUN Behavioral Delaware says that these services are best suited for students, parents, people with a job, and anyone else who has unmet mental health needs.

For people who are unsure of what type of telehealth services they may need, SUN Behavioral Delaware offers a no-cost consultation where patients can schedule a remote meeting with their trained staff. They will then determine what level of care would best meet their needs.

SUN Behavioral Delaware is a mental health and addiction treatment center located in Georgetown, DE. They offer a full continuum of care for mental health and addiction issues including adolescent programs, adult co-occurring/substance use disorders, adult mental health services, adult outpatient services—and even telehealth services.

Call SUN Behavioral Delaware today at 302-604-5600 to receive a no-cost evaluation from a mental healthcare professional.


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