SUN Behavioral Columbus Publishes Blog Examining the Spike in Ohio Suicides

Columbus, OH: SUN Behavioral Columbus is a psychiatric hospital located on the north side of Columbus. The treatment facility offers various levels of care to treat mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders such as substance use.

Patients from various demographics can find a treatment program they need amidst SUN Behavioral’s options. Available treatment options include programs for adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Telehealth services are also available in the clinic’s mission to make treatment more accessible, and convenient options are offered to individuals in the community.

1 in 25 Americans live with a serious mental illness

SUN Behavioral Columbus also regularly publishes new blogs that offer insight into a variety of mental health disorders and substance misuse. Among the publications are pieces titled “Breaking Down the Gateway Drug Mythology,” “Most Common Mental Disorders,” and “What Is a Nervous Breakdown?”

As SUN Behavioral strives to live out their mission of solving the local community’s unmet needs, some published blogs take a deeper dive into mental health topics and problems across the state. One recently published blog, called “Spikes in Suicides in Ohio,” offers a comprehensive and detailed look into the unfortunate trend of rising suicide rates throughout Ohio.

The publication opens by explaining that Ohioans battling mental health disorders are not alone in their struggle. SUN Behavioral states that, “In 2018, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, claiming the lives of more than 48,000 people.”

Continuing on, the publication moves to focus on Ohio’s suicide rates, which it reports has “spiraled out of control over the course of the past decade.” According to the piece, between 2007-18, suicides shot up 45 percent overall in Ohio, with the younger demographics being heavily affected. The suicide rate for young people age 10-24 increased a whopping 56 percent.

Although Ohio has plenty of more developed, metropolitan areas, the blog points out that there are still plenty of rural and isolated hubs scattered throughout the state. The piece emphasizes the distance and lack of access the rural counties have in terms of proper mental health care and treatment. More rural counties also retain a strong attitude of individualism, and the negative stigma that surrounds mental health may discourage people from seeking help, instead believing they should be strong and handle it themselves.

SUN Behavioral Columbus also mentions that the Ohio quarantine orders due to COVID-19 added to the loneliness and isolation felt by many Ohioans. The blog notes that the National Center for Biotechnology Information found a connection between loneliness and suicide.

SUN Behavioral Columbus is an organization and treatment provider committed to opening up important dialogue around mental health. The facility’s publication notes that SUN Behavioral’s telehealth services are an important step forward in making vital mental health treatment accessible to more Ohioans.

Individuals interested in learning more about SUN Behavioral’s telehealth services, help for suicidal persons, or general services can visit the organization’s website or contact a staff member by calling (614) 953-5219.


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