Suffolk County NY Domestic Violence Lawyer Jason Bassett Receives Another Outstanding Client Review

Suffolk County, New York – Jason Bassett, a highly rated domestic violence lawyer, continues to add on to their reputation and winning track record with yet another great client review.

Client Ann Larsen says: “Mr. Jason Bassett is an awesome attorney and an outstanding individual. he really cares about his clients and gives one hundred and one percent of himself to the case. His expertise helped us at a scary and uncomfortable situation, and we walked away with positive end results. He got us the outcome we were looking for and won our case with the maximum professionalism and sensitivity to our family. He makes everyone feel secure and we had no doubt we were in the best of hands! Thank you so much Jason for this experience. We are so thankful to you and we are forever grateful! You are more than a great attorney ... you are a great person!”

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Located in Central Islip and with a service location in Suffolk County, the domestic violence lawyer has been effective in guiding clients through the processes and hurdles of their criminal defense. Domestic violence cases specifically are full of many of the most complicated factors in criminal defense, but Jason Bassett and The Law Offices of Jason Bassett works hard to make sure that their criminal defense clients are properly spoken for and vigorously defended.

Regarding domestic violence cases, Jason Bassett said: "Domestic violence itself can be difficult to define exactly as there is no crime actually called 'domestic violence' in New York criminal law. Crimes often included under the term 'domestic violence' include Assault, Stalking, Harassment, Menacing, Reckless Endangerment, Strangulation, Criminal Obstruction of Breathing, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, and Forcible Touching. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you will need a skilled domestic violence attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected."

Domestic violence cases are known for their complex nature and it may require a great deal of attentiveness and know-how to defend an individual facing these types of charges in Suffolk County, New York.

Jason Bassett goes on to explain: "Just because you have been charged with domestic violence in Suffolk County, Nassau County, or anywhere on Long Island doesn’t mean that you don’t still have important legal rights that need protecting. Keep in mind that the quality of your defense can have a profound effect on securing the best possible outcome of your case."

Jason Bassett and The Law Offices of Jason Bassett work to make sure each and every fact of a domestic violence case is thoroughly assessed. This includes reviews of medical and police records, a review of other cases involving either party, research similar legal cases in New York, and more.

The dedication of Jason Bassett and his team extends beyond defense in the courtroom. Likewise, the law office prides itself on using a caring and thoughtful manner when dealing with any defendant and protecting their client's rights both in and out of the courtroom.

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