StructureM Produces Dozens Of Custom Educational Videos For Contractors On Their YouTube Channel

StructureM, a growth services and marketing company from Oklahoma has developed an online library of educational videos specifically designed for answering the many common questions that contractors might have about growing and marketing their business. The videos are available on the company’s Youtube channel at the link:

The Youtube channel is a great place to go for getting quick questions answered or for learning more about marketing. The videos feature experts in sales, operations, finance, and digital marketing answering the burning questions that contractors generally come to StructureM with. Each video is a short clip focused on a specific question or topic. The videos are a great way to get quick advice on questions before turning to StructureM for more targeted and focused advice.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the videos by saying, “We produced and developed these videos based on the actual questions that we get from contractors. We have been in this industry a long time and we found a recurring pattern in the questions that were fielded to us repeatedly. We felt creating the videos could be a great way to answer these common questions so that contractors could have a basic understanding of marketing concepts before they come to us for more relevant and personalized advice that takes into account the specifics of their industry. We also feel the videos are a great way to get contractors and other potential business customers acquainted with our services so that they feel comfortable about enlisting our help when they are ready to pull the trigger. If you browse the channel and find something that piques your interest, give us a call and we will be here to help you resolve any and all of your business marketing challenges. We even offer a free coaching session for contractors and businesses that are still on the fence. You can apply for the free coaching session by heading over to the link:”

To give an example of the wealth of information that the StructureM Youtube channel offers, it has videos on a range of topics relevant to contractors and fledgling businesses such as “How To Train Inexperienced Sales Staff”, “How To Optimize The Sales Process During COVID 19”, “How To Improve Your Sales Presentation”, “The Right Way To Train Employees”, “How To Pay For Good Labor”, “How To Handle Big Backlogs”, “How to Get Your Money Up Front”, “How To Get More Consistent Marketing Results”, “How To Get Better Neighborhood Traction”, “How to Raise Money”, “How to Attract Larger Scale Projects”, “How To Accurately Track Your Leads”, “How to Accelerate the Sales Process”, “The Power of Local Service Ads”, “How to Recruit Quality Labor”, “How To Get Your Sales Staff To Follow Up”, “How Much Should You Budget For Marketing”, “Google Is Limiting Your Options”, “8 Key Drivers for Contractors”, “3 Critical Financial Hurdles to Overcome”, “Working Harder Does Not Equal More Money”, “Why Use Google Ads”, “What Your Banker Really Cares About”, “The #1 Rule for Converting More Leads”, “Pay To Play: Which Digital Ads Are Worth It”, “How To get The Cash You Need When You Need It”, and many more such relevant topics.

The Youtube channel also consists of case studies from customers that the company has previously helped in their journey towards increased sales. The case studies include stories from companies such as Smash My Trash, Lakeside Renovation & design, Kelly Window & Door, John McCarter, JD Hostetter, Churches by Daniels, Action Builders, and more. The channel also contains videos of virtual mini-workshops that the company has held over time. The mini-workshops are a deep dive about topics such as sales, finance, and marketing as it applies to contractors.

StructureM has helped over 200 business owners and marketing managers over the last 10 years revamp and reenergize their marketing efforts to increase revenue at a rate of 15-50% per year. Readers can find out more about the company by heading over to its website at


For more information about StructureM, contact the company here:

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