Strength Academy Opens New Center for Personal Trainer Certification

Strength Academy, which is based in Van Nuys, CA, is happy to announce that they are a new business that is offering an accelerated 5-week program to prepare personal trainers to ace the NASM certification exam so they can start offering their services. They have partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in order to become the main personal trainer certification school located in the middle of the San Fernando Valley area. They also offer a business course to help certified personal trainers get started with their business. It is important to note that the fitness industry is a huge industry, with personal trainers in the US earning an average of $69,901 annually, and the industry is projected to continue growing.

Joz Cruz, founder of Strength Academy, says, “We love to help get people started off on the right foot with their NASM certification. It's a great program and a reputable certification for anybody who wants to launch a new business in the fitness industry as an independent personal trainer or take a their career in a different direction. We get lots of students from around the San Fernando Valley who are looking for a program where they can learn in a great atmosphere at an accelerated pace. We're really about serving people who are passionate about fitness and helping to transform lives through a new, successful fitness career.”

As the training center is NASM certified, they're well prepared to help people learn the necessary material to pass the exam. A certified personal trainer has significantly higher chances of getting a job at a gym or health club. The certification exam is difficult, having only a 64 percent pass rate. Being properly prepared for the test is critical. While there are online courses, they are suitable for those who have a bachelor’s degree in physical fitness or any related field. For those who want a fast change in careers and are relatively new to fitness as a career, the in-person training provided by Strength Academy would be the safest and most effective option.

Their accelerated NASM-CPT course has a duration of five weeks and is designed to get the students from almost zero knowledge to an expert in fitness in as short a time as possible. This program has been designed to provide the students with the knowledge and training they will need to pass the NASM certification exam the first time. The contents of the course may include: lecture and hands-on training, Human Movement System, The Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) Model, Basic Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology, Assessment and Program Design, Exercise Technique and Training Instruction, Nutrition, Client Relations, Behavioral Coaching, and Professional Development.

Included in the course are hours of lecture and practical labs and study materials for the trainers to help their clients safely achieve their fitness goals while enjoying the process. After completing the course, students will know how to help clients of different fitness levels with nutrition and fitness coaching, all based on science-based knowledge and practice.

In addition to the training program for prospective personal trainers, Strength Academy also offers three services, which are: The Trainer’s Club, The Recovery Club, and The Athletic Club. The Trainer’s Club provides a space for personal trainers to meet with their clients and advise them on an exercise program. The Recovery Club enables members to engage in advanced recovery through the use of NormaTec recovery tools. The Athletic Club provides a gym for paying members.

Strength Academy has the goal of providing a hands-on, face-to-face program for new fitness professionals to allow them to the pass the Certified Personal Trainer exam. The academic curriculum they provide, when combined with their practical application, prepares the student with the knowledge and skills required of a personal trainer. It includes how to build relationships with clients and how to develop programs that will set a particular trainer apart from the rest.

Those who are interested in learning more about Strength Academy can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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