Strategic Alliance Live Review Interview Of The Networking Event Host Tom Matzen

As the Strategic Alliance Live Review by Rune Ellingsen has a specific timeframe for attendees to join the networking event for digital providers for exclusive access, Rune interviewed the host of the Strategic Alliance Live event to include his voice, values, energy, and the details for the event.

The networking event for professionals is the 3rd time around online and has been going on for 6 years offline in hotels and other venues. Rune attended the online virtual event the past 2 times as he got notice of this and was one of the first to see how this event was run using the digital arena which people are all more or less accustomed to and many forced to be in during these times.

Strategic Alliance Live Review And Bonus With Interview Of Tom Matzen

Travel any place in this era has its challenges and since the online networking event was such a hit and Rune really wanted to share the mission and experience with as many details as possible, he took it upon himself to join forces and get into the brain of the host.

The Strategic Alliance Live host, Tom Matzen, is a 50-50 Canadian and Danish serial entrepreneur with a keen eye for business strategies and leveraged success tactics enabling entrepreneurs to leapfrog years ahead using "being nice" as a mantra, while "beating all the traditional methods of online marketing to the ground", in Rune's words.

Rune has a background in affiliate marketing which started in 2009 and has shifted his focus after attending the previous Strategic Alliance Live events, "for the better", in his own words again. Rune loves to serve and support and so does Tom.

Rune did a full interview with Tom Matzen to discover: "Who Tom is. What his values are. What the event covers.When the event starts. Who it is for. The double money-back guarantee. The 10 buyers guarantee. The Exclusive Strategic Alliance Live Review Bonus. And also, how interested prospects looking to elevate their efforts possibly tenfold, can get Access."

The Strategic Alliance Live Review Interview can be found on Rune's exclusive joint venture partner page where interested parties also get access to his exclusive bonus package if they choose to participate from that page. The video of the interview contains everything of the highest importance regarding the details of the event.

Rune's full review, in writing, is on his blog which has been dormant for a couple of years while Rune has re-positioned his business and went over a full transformation on many levels. Those interested can find Rune in other places online than his blog, but it's the one place he really has affection to when it comes to "writing blog posts" as the web builder for that allows him freedom of creativity and extra technical support.

Today Rune runs a Media Agency and every now and then he creates a blog post on his old site. Visitors eager to learn even more details can visit here: For the full Strategic Alliance Live Review and Bonus featuring Tom Matzen as well


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