Straight Arrow Roofing, the Roofing Company In Brantford Draws Another Rave Review

Joel Guerra, the owner of the roofing company in Brantford, is pleased to share with the community another very positive review of his company’s work. Mr. Chris D posted a review of his experience with the company and he clearly was extremely pleased. Mr. D had hired the company for what he thought of as a small job. He needed the eavestroughs on his roof cleaned and repaired.
But not only did the workmen leave the property cleaner and better than they found it, he wrote, but the owner of the company himself, Joel Guerra, “…stopped by a few days later to be sure that I was satisfied with the job they did.”

Mr. Guerra said, “We very much appreciate Chris taking the time to leave this review as it just underscores what we are always aiming for, which is not just satisfaction but complete happiness and people who are going to spread the word about what they experienced with us. He asked for extra business cards from us so that he could share them,” he added.

Straight Arrow Roofing began about five years ago, and at that time it operated out of the founder’s truck. From that shoestring beginning, the company has grown to one that covers Brantford, Hamilton, and Cambridge, and provides services ranging from skylight installation and maintenance to whole roof repair and replacement.

The company has made a point to clearly explain the process that they generally use. As an example, if there is a leaking roof, the first step to take is to call for an inspection. Straight Arrow will make an appointment for the assessment and someone will come out and thoroughly inspect. A plan and estimate will be developed from there.

After the assessment is made, a representative of the company will walk the home or property owner through the recommendations and then will give an estimate for the repairs. If the property owner accepts, a contract is written up and signed, and then the work will begin.

The situation for Chris D., however, was different. The company was able to give an estimate right away, via looking at the house in question through Google Earth. Mr. D. agreed, and they moved ahead quickly after that.

Mr. Guerra said, “Every situation, every roof, every client is different. We have procedures and processes that we follow, of course, but we are not hamstrung by a big corporate office making decisions somewhere. We are right there next to our clients and we are able to adjust when that becomes necessary. Why would I make a customer wait when I can see his house from a distance and have a very good idea how much his situation will cost to fix?”

This glowing review, however, is not the only one that the company has received, of course. Straight Arrow Roofing customer reviews are featured all over the company’s website. It’s clear from the reviews that Mr. Guerra and the staff at Straight Arrow take every job and every customer extremely seriously and treat them all with the respect and the attention to detail that every person deserves.

The company also has made a point to publish information with regard to roofs and roofing that the community will find interesting and/or helpful. For example there are articles about “Which Types of Shingles Add to Property Values?”, “The Best Metal Roofs for Residential Properties”, and much more.

Straight Arrow takes its integrity very seriously. “We would never issue anything like a dishonest or misleading estimate,” Mr. Guerra said. “I am staking my name and reputation on each and every job. There is no room for acting in any kind of underhanded way on any of our potential jobs and we absolutely don’t do it.”

Potential customers will find a great deal of information on Straight Arrow’s website and Facebook pages. They can also be contacted at 289-203-3708, via the webform on the site or through its social media pages.


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