Stone Soup Animal Rescue Shelter in Woodruff, South Carolina is Celebrating its Second Anniversary

Stone Soup Animal Rescue, an animal rescue program in Woodruff, South Carolina has reached its 2nd anniversary of full operation and has served over 500 intakes. The animal shelter has nonprofit and 501(c)3 status.

Talking about the milestone, a spokesperson for the animal care shelter says, “We are elated that we have reached our 2nd anniversary. It has been a fruitful 2 years. We are thankful to all the volunteers who have helped us along the way. We are also thankful for the local community that has shown up time and time again with financial assistance and also to adopt the lonely animals in need. The response we have received over the last 2 years gives us the confidence that we will be able to continue this endeavor for years to come.”

Stone Soup Animal Rescue in Woodruff, South Carolina.

Stone Soup Animal Rescue is on a mission to provide safe haven for stray, neglected and abused animals and to collect and nurture displaced animals. The center accepts all animals regardless of breed, sex, or species.

Once the animal is admitted to the shelter, it is immediately sent for routine veterinary care and attention to any illnesses or injuries. All animals are spayed/neutered and vaccinated before moving on to their forever homes. Its volunteers care for the animals to ensure they get the care and comfort for the limited time they are staying there before they move on to their new families. The animals are treated like the volunteers' own pets as they receive the nurturing care they deserve in the form of walks, baths, socialization, and meals that keep them healthy and happy until they find someone to provide the same level of care for them.

Stone Soup Animal Rescue is on a mission to provide safe haven for stray animals and to collect and nurture displaced animals. Animals that have been bereft of a home due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, fire, and flooding are taken in and cared for till they are able to find a loving forever home. The shelter’s volunteers set up temporary shelters, evacuate animals, coordinate supply drop-offs, conduct medical evaluations, and check to see if the animals are microchipped. The rescue also has a Trap/Neuter/Release program for feral cat colonies. The center accepts all animals regardless of breed, sex, or species.

The shelter takes a particular interest in fighting against the practice of dogfighting. It also plays a key role in educating the local population about the importance of spaying and neutering pets to keep the problem of overpopulation under control. The center says that it also aims to educate the public about properly training their dogs so that the effect of Breed Specific Legislation can be lessened, particularly against dog breeds that are labeled as dangerous.

The shelter is run by Allen Poole and Dr. Shannon Poole and an army of volunteers. There are no paid employees. Allen Poole is the Senior Vice President and COO of an industrial general contractor. His wife, Dr. Shannon Poole is a member of the faculty of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. The couple has had an affinity towards animals for many years. After the loss of two of their dogs, they stumbled into the dire need for animal rescue and founded Stone Soup Animal Rescue.

The animal rescue is funded through private donations and grants, affiliates, and fundraising events. Visitors to the website can also donate as they please through a simple donate button. It is a Facebook approved charity and has a donate button on its Facebook page. The rescue is also an Amazon Smile eligible charity. The shelter program also has a special tie-in with Kuranda dog beds. A link on the shelter’s website allows visitors to donate a Kuranda dog bed to one of the animals in need.

The shelter is always looking for volunteers. Direct care volunteers are needed to provide care to the animals in the temporary shelters including jobs such as cleaning cages and enclosures, feeding, watering, restocking supplies, washing dishes, walking dogs, or socializing with animals. Additional volunteer duties include transportation, fundraising, and publicity events.

Readers can reach out to the shelter for animal rescue emergencies at (864) 775-2743. For general inquiries like volunteering, sponsorship, and fundraising, readers can reach out to the shelter using the contact form on its website.


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Stone Soup Animal Rescue
Executive Director ~ Allen Poole
Stone Soup Animal Rescue is located in Woodruff, South Carolina.