Stockton Tree Experts Earns the Respect of Stockton Residents After Pruning a Landmark Tree for Free

Stockton, California – Stockton Tree Experts spent the whole of yesterday working on a 100-foot redwood tree standing on one of the busiest streets in Stockton. The company reportedly pruned the tree for free, saying payment was unnecessary as its team of tree cutting professionals in Stockton was using this project to give back to the community.

The redwood tree had spent an estimated 7 years without professional care. Its crown was overgrown and made the entire tree look very unattractive.

“If this year had ended,” said a local who had watched Stockton Tree Experts pruning the redwood, “the tree would have reached its eighth year without maintenance. The tree’s crown carried so many branches that its roots could not feed the crown. What’s more, most of the inner branches could not access enough sunlight – this made photosynthesis impossible for these branches.”

Stockton Tree Experts had reportedly been planning the tree pruning procedure for a week. They risked facing the wrath of the law if they had attempted pruning the tree without a permit. This meant that they had to apply for a permit and then wait for about 3 days to get the document from the city’s public works department. When the permit finally arrived at the company’s offices, the company paused all the non-risky procedures that had been scheduled for yesterday and decided to fix the redwood first.

“The redwood has served as a landmark for the past 29 years,” said the Stockton Tree Experts CEO. “The tree has a lot of historical significance. This made it impossible for us to just sit back and watch as the tree wasted away.”

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Being near utility lines and commercial properties, the redwood tree required extreme caution to prune without causing damage. Stockton Tree Experts, however, was more than prepared to handle the tree. The Stockton tree pruning team brought a bucket truck, ropes, a crane, and a large team of qualified professionals.

“We used the bucket truck to reach the tree crown,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “Compared to manual climbing, the bucket truck improves safety for our professionals and also reduces the time needed to reach the crown. Before cutting each branch, we had to secure it with ropes – this kept the branches from detaching immediately after cutting. We then used the crane to slowly bring down the branches, ensuring that they followed a path that did not pose risk to the utilities nearby.”

After pruning the tree, Stockton Tree Experts had to take their time to clean the landscape under the tree. The company collected all the waste generated by the tree maintenance procedure and then carried the waste to the dumpsite. The company left the landscape near the tree looking better than its team of tree pruners had found it.

“When pruning the redwood,” said the company’s CEO, “we noticed a lot of stress on the tree crown. Over the years, the tree had grown too many branches. The branches were competing for space. While looking at the tree from the outside could convince you that the tree was healthy enough, going inside the tree proved otherwise. The tree was dying from the inside – it was only a matter of time before the entire tree died.”

The Stockton Tree Experts CEO noted that he was planning to put the redwood under his team’s maintenance. He reported that his Stockton tree trimming team will be improving the tree’s aesthetic appeal every year. During the dry months, the company will be watering the tree to prevent drought-related death.

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