STEVENS Releases Article on Safety of Steel Buildings

Ohio-based STEVENS Engineers & Constructors has released an article discussing how metal buildings are the safest building material due to their unmatched strength to weight ratio. Steel and metal buildings are “affordable, durable, and eco-friendly,” the metal building erector states. The Ohio industrial building construction company explains how prefab steel buildings stand out in durability and safety from weather elements, fire, and intruders.

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STEVENS Metal Buildings Are The Safest In The Industry

“Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to meet each customer’s safety needs while still providing flexible plans and styles,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS. "It's one of the top five reasons a business should choose to build with structural steel," she continues.

STEVENS explains that steel buildings have been popular thanks to their safety and building standards, adding that 3D modeling helps identify any potential hazards in the pre-engineered steel buildings so they can be corrected before construction begins.

The top pre-engineered metal building experts in Ohio emphasize their strength to stand up to natural disasters. The strength and durability of structural steel make it a preferred construction material for the aircraft industry.

STEVENS points out steel constructions' strength and durability while highlighting its role in being a bulwark against pest infestations, mold, mildew, and rot. “Prefabricated steel building components ensure that your possessions inside of your building are safeguarded while the exterior elements are kept where they belong - outside,” Vicki says.

One of the biggest advantages of steel is the leading steel erection company states: it “can bend without breaking and withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH without incurring damage to the exterior or foundation.” The Ohio prefab metal construction company stresses that steel can absorb more energy and doesn't attract lightning compared with other building materials due to its lower electrical resistance.

“The lightning's heat will be spread out along the roof and walls to be grounded in the earth,” thus protecting people and property from the effects of a lightning strike.

A steel structure can stand strong in a Seismic Zone 4, the highest classification of seismic zones that are more prone to seismic waves and shifting grounds.

STEVENS also explains how prefabricated metal buildings can provide security in an unsafe area and protect business owners from break-ins or intrusions from vandals. Metal buildings are easy to customize to meet the exact design and security specifications of clients.

Another important advantage of prefabricated metal buildings is that they are fire-resistant, claims the steel building contractor, adding, “The relationship between structural steel and fire has been rigorously tested for decades.” Thanks to the fire-retardant properties of the metal building, this can allow time for employees to evacuate the building and for emergency services to arrive in time to put the fire out.

Pre-engineered steel buildings withstand daily wear and tear that can “wreak havoc on traditional building materials.”

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors explains that steel constructions are low maintenance compared with traditional structures that incur routine maintenance expenses for “re-roofing, siding repair, and exterior painting.”

“Metal roofing and side panels typically come with warranties of up to 40 years,” ensuring that it is a low-maintenance structure, which is weather-resistant as well. Pre-engineered metal buildings retain their aesthetic appeal for decades.

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