STEVENS Metal Builders Gives Top 5 Reasons To Choose Structural Steel For Business

Ohio-based STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is the leading supplier of metal building kits in North America. The top metal building contractor has released an article explaining the top 5 reasons for businesses to choose structural steel for construction. The type of material required is important for a building during the construction of large agriculture facilities, garages, and skyscrapers.

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Steel is a sustainable material that can simplify the metal building process. The top-quality steel from Nucor is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused again and again.

STEVENS’ metal building team explains that one of the top benefits of steel is that it is lightweight, adding, “A steel I-beam weighs less than Parallam beams, LVL, or glulams,” which reduces the need for labor to build with steel. Since steel is lighter in weight, it reduces the cost of shipping the materials. With steel, there is the benefit of design simplification of the metal building’s foundation and structural support systems.

The metal kits supplier in Ohio emphasizes customization as one of the top benefits of steel, saying it is an efficient choice for designs and can take on many shapes. STEVENS also explains, “Steel can be bent or molded in endless ways, making it the perfect material for even the most custom pre-engineered metal building designs.”

Steel is highly flexible and makes it easier for the builder to be more flexible in the planning stages. The top pre-engineered metal building experts at STEVENS emphasize the cost-effectiveness of steel as a benefit, explaining that steel parts are pre-engineered, reducing the construction time and saving money on labor.

“And because steel beams are durable and come with a high life expectancy, insurance costs associated with commercial steel buildings remain relatively low, especially compared to other materials,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS.

Companies can enjoy several tax incentives if they choose to build with eco-friendly steel. “Structural steel can help build a cleaner environment,” states the top Ohio metal building kit supplier, which uses 100% recyclable steel that has a low carbon effect, reinforcing its green philosophy. There is no loss of quality either when steel is used over and over again.

Steel production is safe for the environment and emphasizes waste reduction. “When steel structures are built, more forests are preserved,” Vicki adds.

She goes onto explain that, “One of the other benefits of steel is that it can block out environmental pollutants, leading to a healthier workplace. Modern steel plants are being designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to be energy-efficient. The water used to manufacture steel is also recyclable.”

The leading metal building company in Ohio stresses the fact that steel is faster to build, cost-effective, and safe.

“Many structural steel buildings are pre-engineered to a specific design at the production plant and shipped out ready to be erected. This speeds up the construction time considerably, making it possible to finish large-scale commercial projects in a matter of weeks,” the metal building supplier explains.

According to the top prefab metal kit builder, the fabrication process is quality controlled, and steel is pre-cut and ready to assemble, eliminating the need for measuring and cutting on-site. “A faster construction timeline will also reduce the amount of time your steel construction project blocks traffic, affects the ingress and egress of surrounding businesses, and any water or utility disruptions to nearby buildings,” they state.

STEVENS is a global leader in the construction industry, designing pre-engineered steel buildings and erecting them, helping their clients save time and money. Anybody with plans to build a prefabricated metal building can connect with STEVENS to streamline their next steel construction project. The top steel construction company in Ohio uses top-grade, durable, and sustainable steel and has extensive experience as a pre-engineered metal building supplier and erector. Connect with STEVENS on its website to start the next metal building project.


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