STEVENS Identifies Which Businesses Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Are Ideal For

Ohio-based industrial construction building contractor STEVENS identifies which types of industries and buildings are best suited for pre-engineered metal buildings. STEVENS is the leading Ohio metal construction company in the industry. The top prefab metal building company gives reasons to choose pre-engineered metal as the best building type for storage warehouses, distribution centers, cold storage facilities.

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Prefabricated steel buildings are great for a warehouse

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors explains that prefab building kits are affordable and easy to construct. The top industrial construction building company uses the best structural steel framing system engineered to fit the client’s requirements, which is then shipped as a complete package to the job site where everything is assembled. Their expertise in the metal building industry knows what mistakes to avoid during metal building construction, ensuring that businesses get a quick construction timeline.

The top Ohio metal building construction contractor leverages a structural steel framing system, a metal roofing system, and wall panels of different materials to design top-class pre-engineered metal buildings. Steel constructions give many options regarding wall panels, from single skin sheeting with added insulation to insulated sandwich panels.

“When complete, your structure will be air-tight, energy-efficient, have optimum temperature control, and above all, designed to suit your specific specifications,” Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS, says.

The best pre-engineered metal building company claims that pre-fab metal constructions are ideal for distribution centers as they are cost-effective, quick to assemble, and easy to maneuver. STEVENS explains that distribution centers must be designed with high ceilings, making prefab steel buildings a perfect option as they can reach 40 feet or more in height.

“There is absolutely no limit when it comes to the length of a prefabricated steel building, and when you build with metal, you can have a huge door opening,” says the top metal building supplier. What makes a metal structure ideal for a distribution center is that it’s less vulnerable to fire and other natural disasters.

The top pre-engineered metal building company claims that steel buildings are the ultimate choice for storage warehouses due to their strength and durability. Steel constructions can withstand the toughest environmental conditions and make ideal units for storing warehousing inventory, heavy equipment, RVs, or automobiles.

STEVENS emphasizes the cost factor that gives pre-engineered buildings an edge over most traditional constructions. Less construction time makes steel constructions a popular option for projects requiring quick completion. The top Ohio pre-fab steel construction company states that maintenance of steel units requires less time and money.

Cold storage facilities designed with pre-engineered steel are ideal for cooling, freezing, and cold storage as they can create and maintain the exact environmental conditions required for products.

“Insulated steel panels provide superior thermal performance, ensure maximum energy efficiency, and reduce overall operating costs. Pre-engineered metal buildings also make efficient use of space,” Vicki explains.

Lightweight steel frames make prefab metal buildings allow for a design that can be expanded or modified at any time. Another benefit of the pre-engineered metal building highlighted by STEVENS is that such units are not susceptible to rust, mold, mildew, or pest infestation. There is no risk of warping, rotting, or cracking of steel.

STEVENS has been designing prefab metal buildings for decades. Anyone looking for a top prefab metal building contractor in Ohio to construct a new building for business should get in touch with STEVENS via its website. The pre-engineered metal building company claims that commercial metal buildings are the future of construction, being the cheapest, safest, most reliable and durable, and most environmentally friendly.

The top metal builder is a leader in the pre-engineered steel construction industry.


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