STEVENS Explains Role of Structural Steel Erectors in Ohio

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors have a team of steel erectors that play a significant role in building new steel structures for industrial metal buildings. The leading structural steel erection company in the Great Lakes Region has released an article about the role of a structural steel erector. It defines a steel erector as an ironworker specializing in steel construction and engineering and working on projects of all sizes. They are skilled in steel constructions for warehouses, industrial units, sports stadiums, bridges, and multi-story apartments.

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STEVENS is an industry leader in prefabricated steel constructions and renovations to improve the quality of existing structures. As experts in steel erections, steel erectors are responsible for creating, installing, placing, aligning, and reinforcing steel structures and frameworks while complying with all safety protocols.

The article explains the role and responsibilities of a steel erector, adding that the job title involves rigorous and precise work. STEVENS structural steel erectors follow proper safety protocols while working at great heights or in adverse weather conditions.

According to the top industrial steel construction contractor in Ohio, one must go through an apprenticeship to get experience in roles performed by steelworkers to become a structural steel erector. The apprenticeship program requires rigorous training working alongside master steel erectors for four years. The steel erection company stresses the need for supplemental classes for instruction related to coursework. The person must spend at least 160 hours per year in supplementary courses. Following the successful completion of the apprenticeship program, one becomes a journeyman, states STEVENS.

The Ohio steel erector has a team of skilled ironworkers with knowledge of construction, logical and critical thinking skills, awareness and respect of health and safety guidelines, and excellent teamwork skills.

The job of a steel erector can be challenging and equally gratifying states the industrial steel construction company. STEVENS is a leader in the construction of high-quality, pre-engineered steel buildings. Its team of highly skilled steel erectors are experts in customizing the facility to suit clients' exact needs for the successful completion of a pre-engineered steel building project in Ohio.

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