STEVENS Explains Difference Between Civil Construction and Commercial Construction

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors has released an article discussing the differences between civil and commercial construction. The industrial construction company defines civil construction as a branch of civil engineering responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining natural and physically built environments, such as airports, bridges, dams, tunnels, roads, railways, water reservoirs, and sewer systems.

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The article outlines the role of civil construction professionals, who must adhere to the local government guidelines and create infrastructure plans for approval by the governing bodies and local authorities. They are also responsible for supervising and monitoring the construction of the infrastructure.

The Ohio industrial construction contractor explains that commercial building companies work on private projects to build offices, retail centers, warehouses, and industrial buildings. STEVENS states that a general contractor could be educated and experienced in residential and commercial construction.

The post outlines the role of civil construction in government and community projects as the major difference between civil and commercial construction. The civil construction industry is focused on building waterways, water structures, roads, railways, and highways.

On the other hand, commercial construction involves the construction of offices, malls, factories, and stores. Civil contractors in Ohio ensure that their construction design will deliver an economical, environmentally friendly structure. Commercial construction specialists create floor plan designs to ensure smooth foot traffic into the building and focus on improving the interior and exterior aesthetics. A commercial construction project requires services for building the entire system, including HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

Civil construction, on the other hand, deals with general infrastructure for government-funded projects. An industrial construction company that works on civil construction focuses on improving their coordination and reducing time and cost to build a structure.

The Ohio industrial construction contractor outlines another difference between commercial and civil construction, adding that the supporting infrastructure of commercial construction is not the same as heavy civil engineering. The article explains that civil construction is designed to support heavy equipment, thus ensuring minimal disruptions in the future.

While business owners and investors are responsible for watching over commercial construction projects, civil construction falls under the government's sponsorship. However, sometimes large corporations can be involved in civil construction.

Commercial projects are private and look to cut costs while focusing on speeding up the construction process. On the other hand, civil construction are government projects and can fall victim to corruption and politicization, causing the project to slow down.

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