STEVENS Explains 3 Advantages of Using A Metal Building for Recreational Sports Facility

STEVENS Explains 3 Advantages of Using A Metal Building for Recreational Sports Facility

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors recently released an article detailing the advantages of using a metal building for a recreational sports facility. The Ohio-based industrial steel building contractor emphasizes the benefits of metal for constructing top-of-the-line recreational metal buildings, which are quick and easy to build.


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STEVENS puts steel on top of the construction material list, stressing its long-lasting and durable properties. The low-maintenance solution is ideal for recreational facilities, states the leading prefabricated steel building company. Metal buildings are easy to renovate, versatile, durable, and affordable.

The Ohio steel building contractor is a trusted name in the pre-engineered metal construction industry, emphasizing steel as the go-to solution for recreational buildings.

Versatility tops STEVENS' list of advantages of a metal recreational building. There are plenty of design options in steel that aren't limited by support beams or load-bearing walls. In addition, STEVENS asserts that steel constructions are scalable and easy to adjust later to accommodate any change in needs. The leader in metal building kits explains that steel is highly versatile and makes it easy for fitness and rec centers to swap out equipment and increase or decrease rooms to meet the changing expectations and needs of customers.

A pre-engineered metal building system has the edge over traditional constructions for its striking modern design that can be built to accommodate high horsepower fans and wind tunnels cost-effectively for indoor skydiving.

STEVENS highlights that a pre-engineered metal building sports facility is ideal for basketball, football, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, equestrian facilities, and amateur and professional sporting teams.

The best pre-engineered metal building experts in Ohio put durability as the second advantage of steel constructions. According to STEVENS, steel is the most reliable construction material compared with traditional construction material. It is resistant to weather conditions and elements, including wind, water, mold, rodents, and insects. Steel recreational facilities can withstand high winds, extreme weather, and seismic activity than any other traditional building materials. Steel will last for decades and requires minimal maintenance.

The durability of steel protects pre-engineered constructions from any projectile damage common during hurricanes and tornadoes.

Affordability is another advantage of steel buildings, which are cost-effective throughout their lifetime, saving money on maintenance in the long run as well as during the construction phase.

Metal buildings are produced in a factory and shipped to the worksite, allowing for faster construction and reduced labor cost.

The steel building kit supplier in Ohio asserts that steel saves a lot of money on foundation design and installation. According to STEVENS CEO Vicki Anderson, "a shorter construction time increases safety while lowering the risk of job site accidents and injuries."

Fire resistance of the steel structure ensures that it is less likely to be damaged in seismic activity and weather events. The Ohio steel building company emphasizes the need for periodic cleaning and inspection of metal roofs to prevent any significant damage. They add that any damaged panels are easily repaired or replaced, adding that the underlying steel frame is virtually maintenance-free.

Anyone with plans to build an indoor sports facility with steel should trust the best in the business. STEVENS prides itself on designing and erecting metal buildings that fit the customer's needs while meeting all building codes. A leader in the construction of recreational steel facilities, STEVENS is a full-service construction and steel erection company that can design efficient, durable, affordable, and cost-effective prefab metal recreational sports facilities.

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