STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Stands Out for Its Excellent Sitework, Excavation Practices

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, is a leader in sitework and excavation with more than 75 years of experience in preparing construction sites. The industrial construction contractor excels in every step of the construction industry, from de-watering and utility relocation to mass excavating and backfill. STEVENS explains the importance of sitework completion before starting a construction project to prepare the property for a strong foundation.

The Middleburg industrial construction company begins the project with the clearing process, focusing on vegetation removal from the property. The next step is the grubbing process, which involves grinding and removing stumps before the actual excavation begins. As Ohio’s top industrial construction company, STEVENS surveyor ensures that the site area is marked correctly and soil tested to ensure everything goes accurately. An accurate analysis of the soil is crucial to determining the amount of weight the ground can hold and the settlement rate of the soil.

STEVENS sitework and excavation division can set your construction site up for success

By ensuring the soil compaction or stabilization to give a strong foundation to the project and prevents shifting of the ground, and reduces the risk foundations cracks in the future.

STEVENS is a leader in the sitework development and excavation industry, focusing on improving quality through the right equipment and experience. The leading industrial construction company emphasizes equipment maintenance to prevent any slowdowns on-site development.

As a responsible industrial construction company that prides itself on its zero-accident policy, environmental protection policy, and efficient completion of projects, STEVENS tailors its plan for the complete safety of buildings and workers. The top sitework and excavator in Ohio focuses on meticulous planning and attention to detail to place the Sheet and H-pile precisely for each building structure using the latest technology tools.

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