STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Explains How Pre-engineered Steel Buildings Make It Easy for Businesses to Expand

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, an industrial construction and engineering firm based in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, has recently published a blog post about whether a growing company should add on to the business or invest in a metal building. When a business is booming, the company will likely require more space for expanded business activities. If the company is located in a conventional wood-framed building, it is usually very difficult to expand the space. However, if the business is located in a steel building, it is quite easy to expand the spaces. The article explains the various reasons why it is a good idea to invest in STEVENS pre-engineered metal buildings.

The reasons for choosing to have a pre-engineered building instead of the traditional building include: short construction times, floorplan flexibility, energy-efficiency, easy maintenance, versatility, customization, durability, and affordability. The construction time is much quicker because a steel building is pre-engineered. This means that the parts of the steel building will arrive all at the same time. Thus, the construction will not be delayed, in contrast to the way that the construction of a conventional building will be halted while waiting for a specific part.

Prefabricated Metal Building

Easy maintenance is another important reason for choosing pre-engineered steel buildings. Traditional wood-framed buildings require a lot of maintenance because of the effects of weather conditions and pests. The wood frame is vulnerable and will need to be inspected and possibly repaired whenever there is some damage. In contrast, steel is a strong and durable material that requires minimal maintenance.

Another important benefit of having a pre-engineered steel building is that the floor plan can easily be rearranged. This can easily be done because there are no support walls that are present and required for traditional buildings. Without these support walls obstructing any wanted changes in the floor plan, the arrangement of the different rooms and offices can easily be adjusted.

And then there is the better energy efficiency of a pre-engineered steel building. An insulated steel building can block heat exchange and therefore decrease energy costs substantially. This will allow the business to save on expenses, but the business will also gain the reputation of caring for the environment.

There is also the factor of building cost, which is much less for metal buildings compared to the conventional buildings. Estimates indicate that the total cost of erecting a traditional wood-frame building ranges between $23 and $40 per square foot, while a metal building will cost around $12 to $18 per square foot to construct. And metal buildings are more versatile because they can accommodate any type of business, and homes may even be built with steel. Furthermore, a steel building can easily be customized to ensure that it fits the exact needs of the business. It is possible to customize the design, size, side-panels, roof-style, exterior finish, and color. Adds-ons such as skylights, wainscoting, garage doors, and windows are also available.

And finally, the durability of a steel building is hard to match. The strength to weight ratio of steel is much higher compared to other building materials. As such, custom steel buildings can withstand tornados, hailstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes much better than conventional buildings. Vicki Anderson, Chairman and CEO at STEVENS Engineers & Constructors says, “We continue to be committed to providing outstanding personal service to every client we serve and to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace. We are committed to delivering a broad range of services while ensuring excellence on every project.”

She adds, “Our building systems team will design your pre-engineered metal building, perform the sitework and excavation, and construct your metal building when the construction phase is ready to begin. With the utilization of our advanced design system and our engineering and construction company, we can provide the building solution to meet your needs for your pre-engineered metal building project.”

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