STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Explains Best Ways To Customize A Metal Building

Ohio-based STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is the leading name in the steel building construction industry. After their most recent article highlighting how long it takes to erect a metal building, The top Ohio industrial steel building contractor has released a new article highlighting the best ways to customize a metal building. STEVENS explains the versatility in using metal for constructing a commercial retail space, agricultural building, aircraft hangar, storage facilities, or a recreation center.

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STEVENS Can Help You Customize Your Metal Building

The article highlights the durability and customization of metal in the construction industry. STEVENS explains the ease with which steel can be colored to make the whole unit stand out. Adding a pop of color can add visual appeal to prefabricated steel buildings. “The color of your building will depend on its use, and you are not limited in the colors available for your building,” explains Vicki Anderson, CEO, adding “Regardless of which hue you choose, picking a custom color is an option when you use a top metal builder like STEVENS.”

The Pre-engineered metal building company in Ohio designs safe metal buildings and can customize the exteriors to give it the curb appeal that businesses desire. Customers can choose faux rock and stone panels, glass, brick, steel panels, or fiber-cement board to create a more upscale customized exterior. STEVENS is an expert at incorporating wainscoting to improve the prefab steel building’s exterior, adding a contrasting color or texture.

The Ohio steel construction company emphasizes the importance of customizing doors, windows, and shutters to match the style of the building. Some of the most popular options include overhead doors, barn doors, glass patio doors, embellished doors, metal walk doors, and double front doors.

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors is a trusted name in pre-engineered metal building constructions. The custom design windows and shutters, a design aspect that most often gets overlooked, states the article, adding “they are another one of the most important customizations to add to your building.”

According to the prefabricated metal building expert in Ohio, the right windows are a natural light source and add visual appeal, and shutters add that extra special touch.

Another striking element on the STEVENS’ list of customizations is stucco, which can add curb appeal and easily blend in with surroundings. A veneer is another interesting element to accentuate the appeal of the exterior. A brick veneer adds a classic look to the building, and faux stone or rock adds rustic appeal.

“You can do many things to your metal building to keep it from looking like an old barn,” says Anderson. STEVENS is the top metal building supplier in Ohio with decades of experience in custom designing metal buildings to meet their client’s specific needs.

The pre-engineered metal building experts at STEVENS offer many choices for clients to choose a custom design. Anybody interested in creating a prefabricated steel building should get in touch with the leading Ohio metal builder. STEVENS has decades of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry and can design custom-engineered metal buildings. Experts at STEVENS can offer a no-obligation quote on the company’s website. Get in touch with them today.


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