STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Explains Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Prefabricated steel building company STEVENS Engineers & Constructors in Ohio are the leading industrial pre-engineered metal building contractors. The Ohio-based steel building erector suggests that pre-engineered metal units are ideal for all types of buildings, industries, sports complexes, worship houses, and canopies.

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Pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal for churches, sports facilities and canopies

The structural steel erector explains that pre-engineered building kits are customizable and more affordable than other building methods. According to STEVENS, pre-engineered metal buildings are easier to construct and require less space than traditional constructions. Prefabricated metal buildings are affordable and ideal for maximizing every square inch of space.

“With a prefabricated metal building, you can make sure there is room for everything you need in your house of worship. Steel buildings are perfect for churches because they offer the most structure for the least amount of money,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS.

A custom metal building, states the Ohio steel building contractor, is energy-efficient and flexible, so “you not only get the design you want, but you get into your new church much faster.” The pre-engineered steel buildings are available with premium insulation systems that can bring down the church's utilities in half.

The prefabricated metal building experts in Ohio emphasize the importance of steel for the construction of sports complexes due to their clear-span capabilities and flexibility to customize the interior and exterior. “The strength of steel allows for up to 300 ft. of column-free space. With this flexibility, you can incorporate indoor sports fields, ice skating rinks, communal spaces, and more,” Vicki states.

STEVENS explains that a business with a good canopy can make a first impression on customers and allow for faster deliveries even in horrible weather, and allow for the contactless delivery and drop-off that the world requires today. A metal canopy is an ideal addition to an existing business.

Vicki explains that “This makes it easier for you to coordinate with your customers and business partners in the rain, snow, and extreme heat.” The top Ohio steel construction company uses top-grade Nucor steel, which is recyclable and flexible enough to create custom designs. Steel canopy systems cost is highly cost-effective and cost less than conventional construction, and have lower maintenance costs.

A pre-engineered metal canopy is quick to construct and assemble compared to a traditional canopy.

STEVENS is a leader in the prefab metal building industry in Ohio, building environmentally friendly, highly durable steel structures that can last for generations.

“Commercial metal buildings are the most affordable, safest, reliable, and environmentally-friendly commercial building options available today for many business types. Prefab metal buildings will be the way to build in the future, so get your business ahead of the curve with STEVENS today,” says Vicki.

Anybody interested in constructing a new building using a prefabricated steel building system should contact STEVENS via their website. They can also learn about the plethora of benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings.


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