STEVENS Emphasizes Cost-Effectiveness of Steel Over Other Building Materials

Ohio-based STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, known for delivering pre-engineered metal buildings in Highland Park, IL, and across the midwest, has released an article on the impact the pandemic has had on construction material costs. The top metal building company shows how the coronavirus pandemic has caused an unanticipated increase in building material prices.

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The article states that anybody planning a construction project this year should consider this when starting their construction project. The price of steel and lumber has risen during the pandemic and touched the highest levels in years. In these challenging circumstances, pre-engineered metal building kits are still a reliable, cost-effective alternative, states the leading Ohio steel building erector.

STEVENS explains that one reason for the rising construction cost is that the framing lumber has skyrocketed, adding that steel buildings are relatively economical. The company says that steel continues to cost less than wood and offers a cost-effective alternative. STEVENS suggests builders under contract consider using cold-formed steel in place of traditional wood framing in these challenging times to keep the overall construction cost down.

The top pre-engineered metal building experts at STEVENS are committed to designing high-quality prefabricated steel buildings that are flexible, durable, and affordable. Steel offers hope in the pandemic times when prices of wood have skyrocketed. STEVENS expects the price of steel to level out or reduce to pre-pandemic levels in the middle of the year.

The metal building kit supplier in Ohio designs cost-effective prefabricated metal buildings that save money in various ways. The building team highlights the advantage of using steel components that are pre-engineered in factories to reduce the overall construction time, which further saves on labor costs. Durable steel buildings have a longer life expectancy, which keeps insurance costs minimal.

STEVENS emphasizes the benefits of pre-engineered steel over wood, saying tax incentives are available for companies choosing environmentally-friendly materials like steel.

The Ohio metal building systems team is reputed for its expertise in designing advanced pre-engineered metal building kits that help builders streamline their construction projects. Prefab steel building kits are the best choice for commercial establishments, such as steel medical centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, churches, and distribution centers. STEVENS offers the flexibility to build custom-engineered steel building kits tailored to the needs of every business.

Customers have the advantage of customization, cost savings, and durable design options when designing a pre-engineered metal building.

Anybody looking to build a durable, affordable, and energy-efficient distribution center, warehouse, metal building, or industrial unit can connect with STEVENS on its website to get a custom quote on their next prefab steel building project. STEVENS can answer all customer queries and serve their pre-engineered metal building needs in these challenging pandemic times.


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