STEVENS Aims To Take Clients By Storm With Metal Buildings

STEVENS Engineering and Constructors, a company with a long-standing reputation in construction, are letting their clients know about the versatility of their metal buildings. The construction company is based in Cleveland, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, with more offices in the Northwest Indiana region and just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Southpointe.

STEVENS is known for their pre-engineered buildings, which are supplied, designed, and constructed for any commercial construction project. The team at STEVENS can provide advanced metal building kits for steel building projects, and these pre-engineered kits are virtually unlimited in options for customization, thus making each project unique and innovative.

STEVENS Metal Buildings

The pre-designed building kits allow for tailor-made metal buildings that match the business needs of the client. These steel buildings can be adapted for Government buildings, food manufacturing buildings, energy and power plants, garage buildings, and any other functional, industrial metal buildings required by a business or institution.

STEVENS makes it a point to deliver the highest quality results in every project undertaken. Every building project is an investment for one’s business. This makes it vital for one to spend time researching what they require to understand what materials and construction companies they must trust in order to ensure the construction is carried out in an efficient manner.

The company proudly occupies a place as one of the largest private construction firms in the industry. Their team will design the building, perform the necessary site assessments and excavation as well as construct the metal buildings during the preliminary stages of construction. The team boasts industrial engineers who possess the experience, workforce, resources, and expertise to custom design metal buildings to suit the specific needs and preferences of any client. They will also manage the metal buildings from development and design to erection and completion.

The STEVENS building systems team uses customizable, high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings that have industry-leading capabilities and are constructed with American-made, recyclable Nucor steel. When combined with the utilization of the advanced design system, BIM, a 3D building modeling software, and Nucor steel, the STEVENS engineering and construction company can provide the building solution to meet anyone's needs and requirements for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings.

The BIM software additionally allows them to design and visualize a three dimensional model of the building prior to construction to scaled measurements. STEVENS also partners with Nucor Building Systems because of their production of environmentally-friendly, American-made, high-quality steel that is made from 90% recycled steel (and is itself 100% recyclable). The Nucor building system follows a FOCUS mindset that produces the best steel buildings in the industry. The acronym FOCUS stands for: Fits, On-time delivery, Competitive pricing, Unbeatable services, and Solutions that work, aspects which STEVENS strives to uphold. The construction of pre-engineered steel buildings with Nucor steel allows the team to provide each client with a sustainable, durable steel building that works alongside the green movement's Earth-first mind-set.

There are many benefits to choosing a pre-engineered kit for a construction project. One may design an aesthetically-pleasing and structured building. The pre-engineered metal buildings are environmentally-friendly as well since the company uses American-made Nucor steel.

This design flexibility allows a client’s metal buildings to meet exceedingly precise industry requirements and specifications. Cost-effective processes in the design and erection of the steel buildings will help decrease construction time, and simplified building design and construction allows for quick and efficient erection of the building. The structural designs of pre-engineered metal buildings are durable, able to withstand the elements, whether it is snowfall, high winds or downpours. The buildings are also versatile, giving a company easy options for expansion or modification. Pre-engineered steel buildings can adapt to a multitude of energy-efficient insulation systems, which contributes to a reduction in heating and cooling costs.

The building systems team at STEVENS takes pride in focusing on the company's relationships with clients, ensuring that they understand the latter’s specific needs and requirements for their steel buildings project. The team also ensures that a building project meets all local codes and requirements for industry-specific steel buildings.

More information about the services provided by STEVENS Engineering & Constructors can be found on the company’s website. Those interested may also contact the company via phone, email or social media to follow up on any further inquiries.


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