Step Into Success Launches Giveaway for 2021 Planner for Direct Sellers

Step Into Success is pleased to announce the launch of a giveaway of their 2021 planner for direct sellers. It is a planner that has been designed to suit the unique needs of direct sellers and entrepreneurs. The 2021 version is the fourth edition and every year, this planner has been improved on. Some of the features of the planner are: a vision board; work life balance goals; business strategies; monthly training topics with monthly tracking sheets; healthy habits tracking; month at a glance calendar; and more. Those who want to participate in the giveaway can fill out an online form.

Belinda Ellsworth from Step Into Success says, “This planner is significantly different from nay other planner that you might have encountered. It covers all areas of your direct selling business, including team training, sales, events, and social media. It also has tabs with a double-sided pocket, a sheet of fun stickers, and more than 16 video tutorials to provide a complete business system.”

2021 planner for direct sellers

This 2021 planner for direct sellers is also available for purchase through the Step Into Success website. Also available through their website is a 76-page gratitude journal that can help direct sellers keep a positive attitude; an accessory bundle that includes a pop-in bookmark or ruler, a set of acrylic markers, sticker sheets, and post it pads for things to do; and a leader planning guide.

Belinda Ellsworth has also posted an article on the Step Into Success website that presents the 3 must have tools for 2021. She points out that these tools are important because having the right tools for building one’s direct selling business is necessary to have consistent results. Without the proper tools, even all the action in the world will not be able to provide consistent results. On the other hand, having the most expensive and advanced tools but no action, there would be no results and one simply wasted money on such tools.

She wants to stress that success requires having the proper tools and using them properly. It is only by practicing this that the same successful results can be obtained time after time in the same way that following a recipe will result into a delicious food each time it is used.

The first must-have tool is a planner. This could be a paper planner, a digital planner, or a combination of both. This planner should be the first thing that a direct seller or entrepreneur should look at every morning. However, it is important to that the daily planner must be aligned with a person’s philosophies and what is important for him or her. Because a digital planner tends to make a person reactive while a paper planner causes a person to be proactive in the business, she recommends using both.

The second must-have tool for direct sellers is a content calendar. This will help in organizing one’s online posts on social media. This calendar will enable tracking of what one is putting out there. This will help reduce the stress and time in posting online content that can help the business.

The third must-have tool is a plan of action. This will help a direct seller or entrepreneur focus on his or her goals. It must include a number of components. First is the overall business strategy or yearly plan that includes monthly benchmarks to determine if one is one track. Second is the Step Into Success Power Hour™ system, which allows the direct seller to focus on four income-producing activities, which serve as the direct seller’s weekly focus. The third component is made up of the daily activities, which are the things that must be done to help a direct seller reach the weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

Those who are interested in the planner for direct sellers giveaway or want to know more about the 2021 planner for direct sellers may want to check out the Step Into Success website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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