Step Into Success Creator Belinda Ellsworth Announces a New Office Makeover Giveaway

Step Into Success Creator, Belinda Ellsworth, has just announced that in honor of her upcoming 300th episode and the 5th anniversary of her podcast, she is giving away a complete Zoom office giveaway. It’s her way of giving back a little to all that have followed her podcasts faithfully over the years. Belinda, who has 35-years’ experience in the direct selling industry, bases her podcasts on her extensive subject knowledge combined with other real-world motivational experiences and stories. Her podcast is aptly named ‘working from my happy place’ as it is the goal of direct sellers everywhere to be able to make enough money to comfortably work from home.

Ellsworth says, “Wow – the last 5-years have gone by really fast. When I first started doing my podcasts, I was not sure how long their popularity would last. Now coming up upon my 300th podcast, thinking about this milestone simply blows me away. I am extremely grateful to those in my industry-leading direct selling community that have helped this podcast continue to grow in popularity every month. You can expect me to keep working hard to make these podcasts not only entertaining but full of information and motivation that will help make your direct selling business a success.”

Step Into Success’s creator went on to say that she wishes that she could give all of her fans a free office makeover but unfortunately, she will have to settle for making one winner very happy. Those interested in trying to win the office makeover simply have to go to her website and follow the link provided to the entry form. There is no obligation on anyone’s part who enters the contest and they are encouraged to enter into the drawing on or before its deadline date of April 15, 2021. Winners of the free office makeover will be chosen from a random draw at the end of April.

Ellsworth also says that her 300th podcast should not be missed. That’s because it features the eyewitness testimony of Amy Downs who had the misfortune of working in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, the day that it was bombed. After surviving a three-story fall, Amy will tell the motivational story about how this event changed her thinking and her way of life forever.

Anyone that tunes into Ellsworth’s podcasts will also be aware that she offers several helpful direct selling tools for purchase through her online store. This week’s special feature is her 2021 planner for direct sellers. The 4th edition of her planner includes work-life balance goals, a vision board, business strategies, and monthly training topics accompanied by month-to-month tracking sheets. It also features a month at a glance calendar, week at a glance scheduling, healthy habits tracking, and comes with tabs & a double-sided pocket. She added that this planner is more like a complete business system because it also comes with 16 business tutorial videos. There are even some included stickers that will make the planner come alive and be more fun to use.

Those that have purchased this new planner have described it as an invaluable tool when it comes to being able to concentrate on the growth of their direct selling businesses. Tammy says in her 5-star review, “I love my planner! It’s helped keep me grounded and focused on my business. On the day I received the planner I wrote down my goals for 2019. And one of them was my company's incentive cruise. I earned the cruise and I wanted to let you know that I see the value now in writing down my goals! This planner is incredible. Thank you!”

Other items that will help direct sellers get started that are offered at Ellsworth’s online store include her Step Into Success Launch Box, her Consultant Package 1, and her popular Social Media Success Package. Those who think they might have what it takes to become a successful direct seller can refer to her website for help on how to do this or they can view Belinda Ellsworth on Facebook.


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