Steel Building Erector, STEVENS, Suggests Cool Metal Roofing As An Eco-Friendly Option

Ohio-based STEVENS Engineers and Constructors has released an article about the benefits of choosing cool metal roofing as an environmentally friendly option for prefabricated steel buildings. The top Ohio industrial metal building company offers metal buildings that can be used for automotive manufacturing plants, medical centers, and recreational sports facilities. The article explains that metal roofing provides an excellent, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to traditional construction materials.

Cool metal roofing uses copper, aluminum, tin, and galvanized steel that can stand up to inclement weather, including snow, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and hailstorms.


It is available in various colors, substrates, textures, and profiles customized for the required industry specifications. A cool roof can reduce interior cooling costs by up to 20% and by 15% in the hottest summer months.

The most significant advantage of choosing steel roofs is their reflective properties that diminish the warming effects of the sun's rays.

The article asserts the sustainability characteristics of steel, which, along with fire and pest resistance, make metal roofs a preferred choice for an eco-friendly pre-engineered steel building.

Metal buildings have unmatched longevity and are recyclable. Pairing a metal building with cool metal roofing will help companies be environmentally friendly while still providing a durable, cost-effective, and customizable top-of-the-line facility.

The top Ohio steel building kit supplier notes the eco-friendly roofing in prefabricated steel buildings is known to keep energy costs down. The metal building contractor shares the advantage of using metal roofing as an eco-friendly option due to the material being recyclable compared to asphalt shingles that end up in landfills.

Another benefit the article highlights is the advantage of using a metal roof over asphalt shingles for its longer lifespan, malleability, and flexibility.

According to the Ohio prefabricated steel building erector, metal requires little maintenance to keep the roof healthy. The best metal building team in Ohio has proven expertise in building pre-engineered metal facilities that can be recycled and put to reuse at the end of their lifecycle.

Project owners looking for a strong, durable, and eco-friendly building option can trust steel for its smaller carbon footprint and sustainability.

Metal roofing reflects the bulk of the sun's heat and energy away from the building, resulting in lower energy bills. STEVENS Engineers and Constructors discusses the advantage of new coating technology to add reflective pigments to coating systems. This reflective coating for cool metal roofing helps lower utility costs.

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The best steel building erector, STEVENS, is the best company to design pre-engineered steel buildings and metal roofs. STEVENS prides itself on customizing the facility as per client requirements. The full-service construction and building systems team specializes in the design, engineering, project management, installation, erection, and completion of metal roofing.

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