Steadfast Tree Care Publishes Blog Post On Tree Options For Homeowners

Steadfast Tree Care, a Ruther Glen based tree care service, recently published a blog post discussing some of the tree options that are available for homeowners who wish to plant one or more trees in their yards. Many are interested in adding more trees to their property but often do not know where to start. There are many options to choose from when it comes to trees, and Steadfast Tree Care’s team are the experts. The article can be found at

“Trees are hands-down the most beneficial additions to any landscape, including your residential yard in Caroline County,” says Steadfast Tree Care’s blog post. “They add natural beauty and color, diversify your landscape, and contribute to a better local environment. When choosing which trees to plant in your yard, you need to go for one that offers the benefits you most desire.”

The blog post offers a number of suggestions for trees one can plant on their property. Shade trees are the first tree type suggested. They provide shelter, especially during hot summer days and lend a bit of privacy to one’s property. Shade trees also offer shade to smaller plants and flowers, which means that one will also have more options when it comes to choosing their garden plants. They can also help lower energy bills by preventing the house from getting too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Another option for homeowners looking to add some plants to their property are flowering trees. “Flowering trees generally have showy or unusual features that brighten up your yard,” the blog post says. “You don’t need too many flowering trees; a small residential property only needs about two or three trees. It’s worth noting that most flowering trees grow to just about 25 feet, providing little if any shade. While not all trees will have spectacular flowers, you might choose to go with one that offers other visually appealing features. For instance, you might choose trees with an amazing fall leaf color or with summer foliage that is uniquely colored.”

Fruit trees are another popular option. In addition to improving the appearance of one’s property, they come with the added advantage of producing fruit. Even dwarf trees can produce a large amount of fresh fruit that is ready to be consumed immediately. Having fruit trees on one’s property means easy access to fresh fruit whenever they are in season. While certain fruit trees do come with their disadvantages and issues, soft-fruited trees being one example as they attract birds and create a litter problem, the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks, and many homeowners choose to plant fruit trees on their property with this in mind.

Steadfast Tree Care can help with choosing the right tree for any piece of property. The company also offers a range of other services aimed at helping homeowners and businesses take care of their plants. They offer tree trimming and removal, among many other services. The company prides itself on being the best tree care service around and is always looking for ways to provide better service to its clients. Visit their Tumblr page at

“Our community has trusted us with critical tree removal and routine tree care jobs, and we're thankful to be known as one of the most reliable tree removal companies in the industry,” the company says. “But removal of trees on the properties of local homes and businesses is not the only thing that we do. Here's why: We believe that the mark of a great tree service company is a wide range of available services, all done with consistent quality and care. You shouldn't have to go with a different team for tree removal than you do for emergency storm cleanup. At Steadfast Tree Care, we're thorough in our work and transparent in our service, with a team of well-trained technicians who are experts in their craft.”

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