Steadfast Tree Care Offers Tree Trimming Service to Rappahannock Academy Residents

Steadfast Tree Care, a well-known and highly respected company in the Ruther Glen area, has published helpful information for the community to consider with regard to tree trimming. That article is located here:, and it can prevent home and property owners from making some costly mistakes.

Tree trimming actually takes a great deal of attention and planning to do it properly. It is very common when homeowners decide to “do it themselves,” that they tend to get carried away and over-prune.

Phillip Wood, a spokesman for Steadfast Tree Care, said “It takes an educated eye to see how to do enough trimming – but not too much.” For example, a good rule of thumb, according to the article, is to make sure that no more than 30% of any tree’s foliage should be removed at any one time. If a property owner cuts more than that, they are leaving the tree open to possible decay and destruction.

Rappahannock Academy Tree Trimming Service

The article also suggests that property owners look out for trees that are dying or that appear dead, have dead branches, appear diseased or decomposed, have splits, dense canopies overly full of leaves, or damaged trunks. These obviously would be the trees that need to be trimmed and/or removed.

Another blog entry published on the Steadfast Tree Care blog helps home and property owners to realize that when not done properly, tree trimming and pruning can be quite harmful to trees and can actually compromise their health. Steadfast quoted another company, “Read Tree Service,” who also wrote recently about pruning, saying “…think of it like cutting an arm, It will need time to heal and in the meantime, if you cut too much, decay can set in.”

According to an article that Steadfast quoted, “Cutting a tree branch is similar to cutting one’s arm in the sense that the branch must heal after the process. Excessive cutting can cause a large amount of decay, which will negatively impact the overall health of the tree.”

Mr. Wood agreed, and he said that over pruning also can cause property damage, because over-pruned trees can actually fall sooner than they would otherwise, had they been left to their natural growth.

“We want to offer as much useful information as we can to help people with their trees and their understanding of them. People are needlessly injured every year – not to mention that they also kill their trees by over pruning them. So that’s one of the reasons we published the checklists and the other information we share on our website and blogs,” he continued.

The checklist the company published is located here:
Generally speaking, trees should be pruned in the dormant season, but an exception to that is when they are trees that flower. They should be pruned in the late spring/early summer, as soon as the blooms have died.

Steadfast Tree Care doesn’t just cover the Ruther Glen area, they actually also work in Caroline County, the City of Fredericksburg, Hanover County, King William County and Spotsylvania County.

“We actually like trees,” Mr. Wood continued. We hate to see them harmed, whether that’s by a storm or accident, or because the property owners get a little carried away cutting limbs.”

Lila Cantley is one of Steadfast’s customers. “My husband and his brother got carried away cutting limbs back along our driveway – but two of our trees fell anyway. I called Steadfast in and they were able to not only reshape the remaining trees but also to make sure that no more of them would be as likely to fall. We will stick with the professionals from here on out.”

Interested persons should have a look at the blog postings and also at Steadfast’s company website. There is a wealth of information there that can help property owners decide their best courses of action. Steadfast Tree Care can be contacted at (877) 279-3085 or via the webform on their website.


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