Steadfast Tree Care Helps Community Enhance Their Outdoor Experience

Ruther Glen, VA based Steadfast Tree Care recently published a new blog post that offers tips for Corbin residents who want to keep an eye on the health of their trees. As people around the country grapple with recent events, the tree care expert is striving to ensure that trees in their community continue to receive the attention they need. Read the blog post in full at the following link:

The company believes that giving residents the tools and information they need to observe how their trees are faring is the most efficient and effective way to maintain tree health throughout the area in the coming months. Steadfast Tree Care states, “Since we are obliged to minimize how much personal interaction we have due to ongoing health concerns, we wanted to take the appropriate steps to give tree owners the insight they need to keep an eye on their trees where we may not be able to. We have always tried to make this information as freely available as possible, but now we urge our community to get more involved. If your trees need help, it is better for you to notice the signs early and call us to handle it at once.”

The strategy, according to the company, is to capitalize on the fact that many more people will be staying indoors or on their properties to maintain safe social distancing. While the company’s tree care experts cannot be everywhere at once, a more informed homeowner would be able to figure out something is wrong and send for professional help. Furthermore, the blog post they recently published also wants to help such homeowners plant new trees that will serve to enhance the greenery that already exists around their home.

“Whether you’re new in Corbin or have lived here for a long time, a change is as good as a rest,” states the article, which can be found on the company’s official website. “Surrounding yourself with nature has a way of improving your health. Trees are natural air purifiers. Plus, there are lots of other benefits you can derive from trees. So, don’t let the opportunity pass.” Proper tree care, according to the post, begins even before a seed has been planted. Residents are advised to take several important factors into consideration, including the tree’s purpose and any limitations defined by the planting site.

For instance, the type of tree will depend heavily on whether it is planted for aesthetic, privacy shade/energy reduction reasons. Some may even plant trees to create a windbreak or simply add color/variety to their street. Similarly, those adding a tree to their environment should consider how it will fit in—Steadfast Tree Care states that they should factor in the maximum height and spread possible for a tree in the space they have in mind. Besides, residents may need to look at the site’s sun exposure and soil conditions, among many other factors.

The article adds, “After planting your tree, the journey continues. To arrive safely at the destination, you need to be on the lookout for anything that can prove harmful to your tree’s health. Or for signs that your tree is not in good health.” These signs include, "leaf spots, leaf blotch, scorch, canker, gummosis, chlorosis, necrosis and many more, a more comprehensive list of which can be found in the full article as well as other pages on Steadfast Tree Care’s website. “Information is power, because it can help you make smart decisions,” says the post. “If you notice any of these signs, you know it is time to act. Do your research to find out the best ways to approach the specific issue your tree may have.”

Those concerned with the health of their trees or would like to invest their time in planting a new tree are welcome to read the blog post in full on the company’s website, which has additional information regarding Steadfast Tree Care as well as their services. The post additionally offers insight on standard tree care practices that can help improve a tree’s health, and the company is always ready to discuss tree care with those who wish to learn more.

Similarly, should a resident require professional help, such as with pruning or tree removal, they may contact Phillip Wood of Steadfast Tree Care to schedule a visit. The company can also be reached through their Twitter account, here:


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