Steadfast Tree Care Explains Why Tree Removal Is Essential for Proper Tree Care in Corbin

Steadfast Tree Care, a professional tree care services company based in Ruther Glen, Virginia, has recently released a blog post that explains why tree removal is an essential part of proper tree care in Corbin. The article points out that unlike the trees in the wild that don’t need to be cared for, the trees found in yards and those lining the streets in cities will require some care because they are exposed to conditions that trees in the wild are not exposed to. Furthermore, they may also pose some risks to people because a tree branch may suddenly fall and accidentally hit a person or a vehicle. More about this blog post can be gleaned at

Phillip Wood of Steadfast Tree Care says, “For one, a tree on the street may have its roots partially covered by concrete. As a result, they may be more prone to weakness. In some cases, human activity could put the trees around us at risk. For example, people like to celebrate using fireworks but these can accidentally cause serious harm to trees. In addition, a tree in your yard may have grown beyond your property boundary and this could be a threat to your neighbor. Or it could have grown beyond the property perimeter are may now be too close to electric power lines, possibly causing a power failure, especially when there is a strong wind.”

Tree roots may also cause damage to foundations, plumbing, septic lines, watering systems, and sidewalks. It is therefore a good idea to have a tree removed or trimmed if such hazards exist and get it done promptly. This may be able to save the homeowner or property owner a lot of money that would have been spent for the treatment of an injury or the cost of damage.

Steadfast Tree Care offers professional tree services, such as tree removal, tree trimming, debris removal, storm cleanup, stump grinding, land clearing, and emergency tree services. Their team of tree experts can help in ensuring that people can benefit from trees that are both attractive and healthy, and minimize the risks that they present to family, home, and other people. While trees don’t require as much care as the other plants in the garden or yard of a home, there are a number of times when trees need to be trimmed or even removed.

One of the most common situations when tree trimming or removal may be needed is when the tree limbs and branches have become an obstruction on the property. Branches growing close to power lines may or may not be the concern of the homeowner, depending on the location because it may be handled by the city. However, if the branches and leaves are currently touching a part of the house, they can cause damage to the house by hitting a part of the home when there is a strong wind or a tree branch could fall on the roof. They may also cause leaves and debris to accumulate and clog the gutter.

Another situation is when the trees seem to be overgrown. Trees will have to be groomed to make sure that they look their best. While the purpose is merely cosmetic, this is something that cannot be done by someone who is not a tree expert.

Another common situation is when there are diseases and pests affecting the tree. Tree trimming or removal may be needed to ensure that the neighboring trees will not also be affected by the disease or pest.

And finally, tree trimming or removal may be required when a tree has grown too heavy in the canopy and upper limbs. This may not be so evident because as trees grow, their trunks also tend to grow bigger and stronger. However, there may come a time when the trunk is no longer capable of supporting the weight of the tree and only the tree experts may be able to notice this.

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