Steadfast Tree Care Explains the Importance of Using a Tree Trimming Service

Steadfast Tree Care, a well-known tree service company in Virginia, has published very useful information to help the community understand why tree trimming is so important. This article is at

Phillip Wood, a spokesman for Steadfast Tree Care, said, “People don’t really think about trees being plants, but of course that’s exactly what they are. And like all plants, they go through cycles of change and they need care and attention.”

New homeowners in particular can be apprehensive about caring for trees and may not even realize the basics. For example, tree “trimming” is basically the same as tree "pruning".

Tree trimming service being completed by Steadfast Tree Care

One of the first things to consider when it comes to trees is whether or not any of them are touching a home or buildings. It is not something that should be ignored because they could damage any property as they keep growing. Even small branches that seem very flexible and do not look like they are in a sensitive place can be problematic. They can drop leaves into the gutters, knock phone or other lines off of their housings, and cause other problems.

Mr. Wood said, “It is not common knowledge, but the facts are that trees don’t always show their structural problems to the casual observer. Several times a month we deal with trees that would essentially look fine to most people, but which were dying and fell over unexpectedly.”

Because of that and other issues, Steadfast Tree Care, along with other experts, recommends having a professional assessment undertaken every 3 to 5 years at a minimum. Obviously, the health of trees is not just a cosmetic issue as about 100 people are killed by trees every year in the US alone. And property owners, of course, may have liability with regard to the way the trees on their property are cared for if someone is injured.

Steadfast Tree Care works in areas of Caroline, Hanover, King William, and Spotsylvania Counties, along with The City of Fredericksburg. The company offers free estimates and, in many cases, if the property owner decides to go ahead with the services suggested, the trimming can take place on the spot immediately. A complete list of the zip codes that the company services is available on the website.

Mr. Wood said, “Of course the work we do is not always tree-health related; we do cosmetic shaping and trimming as well. And this is not just something we guess about; our staff is trained and educated about the trees and how to handle this work safely and professionally for all concerned.”

It is also important for property owners to be aware that there are diseases that can affect trees in the Virginia area and that a specialist company such as Steadfast Tree Care is needed so that a proper assessment and treatment can be undertaken. This is so that the trees can either be saved or taken down so that there is not a risk to property or health.

Stephen Tallerico, a client of Steadfast, said, “I really appreciated the professionalism and the work that the company has always done on our trees. They are kept nicely shaped but without looking like a topiary and they are also kept healthy. We had a bout with the Emerald Ash Borer and Steadfast diagnosed it, treated it, and eradicated it without us losing a single tree.”

The article about tree trimming that Steadfast published also mentioned several other times when tree trimming is a must: When the tree looks overgrown, when branches are affecting the property or are damaged, and when a tree may have a pest or disease.

Hiring a professional is far safer than attempting DIY tree trimming. There are approximately 36,000 people who are injured with chainsaws in the USA every year. Not all were horribly serious, nor would all of those be because of tree trimming, of course, but trimming a tree is something that is best done by an expert.

Further information as well as details of how to contact Steadfast Tree Care and request an assessment can be found on the company’s website.


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