Steadfast Tree Care Explains How Newly Planted Trees Should Be Cared For

Ruther Glen, VA-based Steadfast Tree Care recently published an article that illustrates how property owners can care for their trees in the proper fashion. Titled ‘Proper Care For Newly Planted Trees In West Point,’ the article explores how newly planted trees should be cared for and offers homeowners a few tips that can help ensure that their trees grow healthy and strong. The article can be found on the company’s blog.

The first year is generally considered the most important in a tree’s life, and good care during this period is essential. “If you recently planted a new tree in your yard, you know this first year will be critical to its survival,” the blog post says. “Trees need special care and attention in their early years. Everything you do, or fail to do, for the tree will contribute to its long-term health. Obviously, this means that your young trees will need you to put in quite a bit of time into their care. Activities like mulching, pruning and watering should be done properly for the best results. Taking the time to learn how to do things right, and adding these activities to your schedule is important.”

The transplantation process is very difficult, especially when it involves a young tree, and many trees do not survive the process. The most common reason for this is watering. Inexperienced plant owners usually water their new trees too often — or not at all — which can kill them. Usually, when one purchases a young tree to plant, the tree’s roots will have been cut away, which means the tree requires regular, consistent watering while it re-establishes its root system. There are a number of factors that affect how young trees should be watered properly, according to the article. Rainfall, temperatures and even wind conditions can have an effect on the amount of water a tree needs to survive.

Mulching is another activity that is necessary when caring for a young tree. It helps control the growth of grass and weeds and keeps the soil around the tree moist. “Good choices for mulch include shredded bark, wood chips and compost made from leaves,” says the article. “Avoid techniques like the ‘volcano mulching’ technique. In other words, do not pile mulch up around your tree trunk. If you do this, you can actually kill your tree. The roots can rot, you can mess up the pH of the soil and pest problems can develop. Instead, stick with the 3-3-3 rule. This means you should use around 3 inches of mulch and place it in a 3-foot ring around the trunk, leaving a 3-inch space. The resulting shape will resemble a donut.”

Steadfast Tree Care pruning a tree in West Point, Virginia

There are countless aspects to consider when taking care of a young tree, which means one is almost always better off having a professional take care of everything. Fortunately, Steadfast Tree Care’s tree care professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that one’s trees remain healthy. The company’s services include trimming and pruning, cutting and removal as well as others such as storm cleanup, stump grinding, land clearing and emergency tree services. Find out more about Steadfast Tree Care's tree trimming and pruning services on the company's webpage.

The company is committed to excellence, and Ruther Glen homeowners know to contact Steadfast Tree Care whenever they need help with their plants. A number of customers have left great reviews online, praising Steadfast Tree Care for their excellent work. One pleased business contacted the company to remove a dead tree, saying of their experience that, “I had a large tree fall at my rental house, and they responded right away, removed the tree, spotted another dead tree and cut it down too. The price was fair and the service was great.”

Another customer says that the company, “Came out the same day I called to give me an estimate. Came out the next day and got the job finished fast. Friendly and efficient. Great clean-up work. My tree never looked better.”

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