Steadfast Tree Care Discusses Tree Removal And Land Clearing In Milford Virginia

Steadfast Tree Care, a professional tree care services company based in Ruther Glen, Virginia, has announced that they have recently published a blog post that discusses the considerations residential property owners need to make before embarking on a land clearing project in Milford. The land clearing may be for whatever purpose, such as building a home. Land clearing will include the removal of some trees, although it may be a good idea to keep a few trees around the home or whatever building to be constructed. This particular blog post can be accessed at

Phillip Wood, a representative for Steadfast Tree Care, says, “There are a few things to consider when planning for land clearing on your residential property. These include the elevation of the property, the distance of the property from the street; keeping the best trees to surround the house but not close to the house; and having the appropriate amount of space, including foliage, to meet the property owner’s needs.”

Elevation is an important consideration in order to protect the home from possible flooding, Thus, it is a good idea to choose the highest point of the property to erect the home to minimize the risk that it will be flooded. Another key consideration is the cost of clearing the land. Some property owners, especially those who are in a healthy condition, may want to do the land clearing themselves. However, if tree removal is required, it is not a good idea for the property owners to expose themselves to danger, especially if they don’t have the appropriate knowledge, experience, and tools for removing a tree safely.

In addition, the terrain may not be conducive for do-it-yourself land clearing, such as when there is an incline or the property is near a river bed or there is loose soil. Meanwhile, in a recent press release, another blog post that focuses on excavating and land clearing services was discussed in a recent press release at

Tree removal, forestry mulching, and land clearing service in Milford Virginia

Another key consideration for a residential land clearing project is the need for building and zoning permits. This will depend on the purpose of clearing the land. That particular area may be restricted due to environmental reasons or the planned structure to be built might not be legally permissible. Professional tree care services companies may be able to help in the process of getting the necessary permits but it is also a good idea for the property owner to do some research about this.

It is recommended to always check with the local government if any permits have to be obtained before cutting down trees and doing other land clearing activities. Meanwhile, professional tree care specialists have the requisite tools and knowledge for clearing the land efficiently and safely. They may also have some recommendations on which trees or other vegetation should be left untouched.

Steadfast Tree Care can also provide light excavating services. This is usually needed for land with plenty of debris, roots, and organic materials that are preventing the efficient construction of a home or building on the property. This condition of the land is actually quite common because tree services usually cut down trees for land development but most of their work is performed at the surface. They will cut the trees and even pull out stumps but they don’t take out every part of the root network and other debris that are then left underground. The presence of these root networks and debris underground will impede the construction of the foundations and the placement of utility lines or piping. They may also act as obstructions for those who are planning to building a swimming pool in their backyard. The solution is to make use of light excavating services.

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